Faith & Reformation

Everyone in the United States is not guilty until proven without a reasonable doubt are innocent until proven guilty. 

Americans are feeling a lack of faith in our justice and law enforcement. 

Our criminal justice system and our law enforcement needs reformation more than it needs de funding. 

Police officers should not be kneeling on other peoples necks with their hands in their pockets while other policemen stand by and let that happen. I get you all are brothers in arms, brothers also call out their brothers out when they are doing something stupid. Covering up corrupted police officers isn't good either. Why are law enforcement hiring people who have problems from other districts? Why invite that into your district? 

Yes the Labor Unions need reforming too! Absolutely! The Labor Unions are also responsible for these police officers who are dangerous to the public. 

We can make changes by using our intelligence and protecting everyone including law enforcement. They need our help in order to make the changes necessary to do their jobs for our's and their highest and greatest good. 

My own experience with law enforcement has been interesting and I do understand why the small criminal might get away to get the central or larger criminal. I get that. 

My experience with law enforcement over all has been helpful and positive. 

I am Asian/American just so you know and I align with the Creator in saying - All Lives Matter - Always! 

However with the Epstein case and that singer from Chicago getting away with sex trafficking for so long without justice is beyond me. 

I understand there needs to be absolute proof to put someone away, but when you have people like Alex Acosta who helped create that sweet deal for Epstein in Florida - How do Americans get justice? The Alex Acosta's of the world need to retire and do lot's of community service for their crimes against the people they are supposed to be serving or go to prison. 

We demand reformation. Take a look around, there is a Civil War brewing and I feel like things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. There are way too many injustices going around, the people of the United States are finally standing up and saying 'NO MORE'! 

I am excited about the protests, I support all voices raised for justice. I ask that during the Covid Pandemic for Protestors to please be careful with your health and well-being while you are out in crowds.  While you are protesting keep it peaceful, rioting isn't protesting, rioting is violent and destructive, it is a criminal act. 

Bringing down statues and burning flags isn't the answer. These are inanimate objects that are a waste of time, money and energy to focus on. Instead look to the real changes, who and what needs to go and who can actually help bring reformation for the betterment of Americans. 

To start changes look to your local government. As local government changes so will the federal government. Creating strong foundations for our country will bring unity to our United States. Starting local also gives us the opportunity to help make the changes necessary for the different wants and desires of the people residing there.   

It's time for change and literally the planets are aligned, the energy is set up for change for those of us  who want to have faith in our law enforcement and justice system we do need to stand up and raise our voices for change to actually make it happen. Support people who will push for change in our towns, counties and states for our highest and best good. Now is the time. 

Let's use this energy wave for reformation and stronger faith in our country. Focus our energy on what is for the higher good of all instead of the few.  

Be wise, be compassionate and keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE! 


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