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Sacred Space 

Sacred Space is a space you create intentionally. What is it? It a place of safety, a safe place for yourself, family, friends or clients. My home is that, it is sacred space. I have it set up so when I work, I am always in a place where I am grounded, centered and connected. I endeavor to keep my place clean, clear and protected. 


I wrote some of the ideas about protecting your home in I Am Psychic, not Telepathic, A Psychic’s Story. This is where we go deeper and have more fun creating sacred space. This is where spirit guides, angels ascended masters, Galactic’s and more come into place. In this chapter I will be referring to the Arch Angels, Archeia and guardian angels. For information about this group of celestials please read Angel’s A Psychic’s Story. 


Your home is your sacred space. When you create sacred space, you will feel a true difference in your office or home. Sacred space allows whoever is in it feel safe and it also helps them clear or release, unwind and relax. As like when you clear your home, it may feel empty or clinical. That is ok, you are creating a pristine place to live or work in. 


This is why it is always important to know who your spirit guides are and how they help you. Developing that relationship is truly important for any spiritual work you are doing. 


Intention is a huge part of creating Sacred Space, why are you creating it? In this book, we will be creating Sacred Space for healing. 


Before I create or enforce the space, I always say a prayer asking for the benefit of myself and or my clients highest and greatest good. 


I always invite and invoke Archangel Michael and the Archeia Faith, first to guide, guard and protect everyone in my home, the people in it and my clients. Then I invite and invoke Arch Angel Uriel and Archeia Grace, for wisdom and guidance. Then the Arch Angel Gabriel and Archeia Hope for help with communication, they are also great with assisting children. Arch Angel Raphael and Archeia Joy for healing on all levels through all time and space. 


I also work with several ascended masters. It also depends on what I am doing or working on. I will invoke Lady Nada and Lord Melchizedek. Why? They are my teachers. They assist with writing the Psychic’s Story books, Clarity 101 blog and more. They are very inspiring and very wise. 


When I start the invocations, I visualize a golden dome surrounding my office and forming underneath my feet. 


Here is what it looks like – 


1, Dear God and Goddess, please help myself and my client for our highest and greatest good through all space and time. Thank you!


2, I invite and invoke Archangel Michael, Archeia Faith, Arch Angel Gabriel, Archeia Hope, Arch Angel Uriel, Archeia Grace and Arch Angel Raphael and Archeia Joy to create sacred space for this healing through all time and space. 


3, I invite Lord Melchizedek, Lady Nada and the Pink Lightening Angels to assist with this session. 


You will feel your space shift into a place of safety and serenity. 


When you are done – 


4 I release you through all time and space with my greatest thanks. 


I do this every day, in the morning for my sessions. Then I release after my last sessions.  



Excerpt from Clearing with Purpose - the Goo & Cooties Book 

This is my favorite part of working with people. I love assisting with clearing out all energy that does not serve in their lives. I call it releasing ‘goo and cooties’. This book is going to give you some ideas, tools to help you release energy, emotions, thoughts and perhaps relationships no longer serving you. Let's go deep and clear out what is not working for you and bring to the surface of what works for you!
The subjects covered in this book will help you with your Clair’s – clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance and more. You will have the tools you need to help yourself, family and friends.
If you have read the other Psychic’s Story Series books, you know there is going to be homework, that will be very fun for you. Are you ready? Let’s flex those intuitive muscles!
Kindle $2.99
Paperback $6.99

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