Big Love Part II

Love is energy, the highest resonance. Being in the energy of love is very blissful for everyone in your household or office. 

To create love in your environment you can use the scent of roses through growing roses in your garden. You can use rose perfume, create rose spray with rose oil and spring water. The smell of roses is the scent of love and it raises the resonance of your environment. 

You can wear or place rose quartz around your home or office. I keep rose quartz stones on my desk and night stand. Rose quartz is a great love and friendship stone to add to your collection. 

For those of you who want to bring romance to your bedroom use rose quartz, selenite and carnelian. Place the stones between the mattress and box spring, rose quartz at the top of the mattress, selenite in the middle, carnelian close to the bottom of the mattress. This is a great recipe for love, clearing, motivation and restful sleep. 

De-clutter your home. When you clear up the clutter in your household, you alleviate stress in your environment. If you are looking for a lover, clearing old energy out of your home and office makes energy for new opportunities. 

Love Corner

According to Feng Shui, the far-right corner of your overall floor plan or a room, your bedroom is always considered to be a Relationship area for those in that bedroom. Moreover, your bedroom should be a place for relaxation and romance – a place for calm energy. 

Make sure your bedroom is clean, and what you consider romantic. Everyone has a different version of romance and thats okay. Allow that creative romantic energy to flow in your bedroom. Make sure there is no television, or deity statues in your bedroom. It distracts from the 'romance' vibe. 

Make a habit of connecting to your heart chakra, to balance and breathe light into the chakra. This helps with releasing heartache, heartbreak, unrequited love, fear and abandonment issues. 

Take a deep breath, connect with your heart chakra and breathe Light into your heart. As you breathe light into your heart allow the energy of love to flow through you and around you. Stay in the energy of love for as long as you can. 

Allow the energy of love to uplift you, sustain you and heal you!

How do you feel?

I hope you nave enjoyed and can use these handy love tips to assist you with bringing the energy of love and harmony into your life!

Keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of love! 

Auriel Grace


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