Guardian Angels & Meditation


Spirit guides can be our ancestors, our pets, they can be all kids of beings from ascended masters, cosmic beings saints, people from past lives, they are here to assist us on our journey and remind us of our perfection and divinity. Allow their guidance - 

Lady Nada & the pink Lightening Angels  & Lord Melchizedek (Elohim) assist me with these shows and writing books. They are the ones that assist me with all those wisdom nuggets.

Our Spirit guides and Angels are awesome as they see us as being wondrous - They are here with us because they choose too and were created to serve mankind. 

Angels are not religious beings Angels are Celestial Beings they are here to assist us for our highest and greatest good. They are not human and they do not have human habits. 

The Archeia are the Divine Feminine Compliments of the Arch Angels. The Archeia and Arch Angels compliment each other and assist with the betterment of mankind.  


Michael & Faith 

Guardian Angels - 

Color - Royal Blue


Gabriel & Hope


Color - White & Pink 


Uriel & (Aurora) Grace

Divine Wisdom & Justice

Color – Gold


Chamuel & Charity

Love & Romantic Love

Color – Rose Pink 


Azreal & Serafina

Compassion & Mercy  

Deep Purple


Rapheal & Joy 


Green & Gold 



Nature & Environment



What is the difference between prayer & meditation?

Prayer is the request or connecting to the Creator. Meditation is opening yourself to the answer to your request. 

Guardian Angel Meditation - 

Take a breath and quiet your mind. 

Visualize a vortex or tornado circling your feet. 

With each breath you take the vortex rises over your body sinning faster and faster. 

As the vortex spins you allow it to pull out of your field all those thoughts and energies that no longer serve you. 

Visualize the vortex move up over your legs, hips, core, neck and head until you hear a pop. Your energetic field is now clear! 


Take a deep breath. Breathe in your favorite color and start to fill yourself with the color. Start with your toes. Keep filling your physical body with the color until you are full. 

When you can see the color coming out the ends of your hair and the pores of your skin, you’re present and in your body. 


I invite and invoke my guardian Angel to come forth and touch my shoulder. 


When you feel your Guardian Angel you will feel as though you are being held in a firm embrace of support and love. You may even see a beautiful metallic shield or wings all around you. 

Have a wonderful week! Keep your Heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE!

Auriel Grace


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