Third Eye/ Brow Chakras


Third Eye Chakra - Brow

Auric Level - Celestial Body

Colors - Indigo, white

Element - Light

Main Issues - Wisdom, intuition, telepathy

Gland - Pituitary

Between the brows

Sixth sense


Diety Shiva

Planets - Jupiter, Saturn

Zodiac - Sagittarius, Pisces, capricorn 

Essential oils - Frankincense, sandalwood, camphor, keira, rosemary, holy basil, blue lotus, helichrysum

Crystals - azurite, lapis, sodalite, blue fluorite, blue sapphire, Celestite 

Animal - hawk - Messenger

The seed mantra for the third eye is Om, pronounced ‘aum’. If we practice ‘aum’ chanting 21 times daily keeping the focus on the third eye, it will to facilitate our meditation practice. 

Prayer Beads  - I use my prayer beads when I am feeling cloudy in my thinking. 

Here is the deal with the third eye - your third eye is open and ready to go. We put up filters in this area, why? Sometimes we do not want to know or see what we need to know. As children we might have seen something frightening and place a filter.  What you can do is slowly peel away those filters, expanding your mind so you have the ability to see, know and use your wisdom to discern what your strategy will be with what you know. 

How do you do that? 

You decide, you make the decision to over come what frightens you. Gain wisdom about the subject through research. The more information you have the less frightening anything is. Don’t be afraid of what you do or don’t know. Instead figure out how it is useful to you so you can move forward with the tools to create something good out of what scared you. 

When we have an imbalance with our third eye - we will have a hard time discerning what we are seeing or even be in denial about what we are seeing. We are overstimulated and anxious. Many people want to force an outcome they want - the question is - is this outcome for you highest good? Is there another outcome that will be better for you? 

Imbalance - 


Sinus Issues

blurred vision 

eye strain





immune system deficiencies 

high blood pressure

hormonal imbalances

compromised adrenal function (adrenal fatigue) 

Creating a balance - So in my experience with my third eye - When I am doing a reading and energy work that when my third eye comes in handy. I book four readings a day. I don’t do readings at events anymore.  The reason why is I do not want to over stimulate myself.  I want to make sure I stay in balance so I am clear in my mind and all of the other tasks I have to do during the day. Balance is key with all the chakras, to keeping you centered and balanced. 

Keep a notebook or notepad handy and write down what you ’see’ or ‘know’ 

Clairvoyance - Sight

Clarcognizance - to Know

That way you can read you notes and decide whether or not to act on them. 

I do not act on everything I see and know. I discern what will be for my highest good. Some things you will learn you may have to wait to act upon them. Continue to take notes, for clarity if needed. 

Remember to take time to breath light into your chakras. It is important to continue to energize them for your well being. 

Chakra meditation - once a month. To maintain your energy and clear your chakras.

Chakras & Self Care - Ambi Kavanaugh

Journey Through the Chakras - Dr Rave & Dr Minoo Ratan. 

Have a wonderful week! Keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE!

Auriel Grace 


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