June Flowers - Honeysuckle, Roses, Rock Roses

Let’s talk flowers and nature Honeysuckle and Roses are Junes flowers. We are continuing down our path learning about Floriography and Bach flower remedies, why? What does learning about flowers have to do with spirituality? Nature is where we come from, what we connect too for grounding and centering. Many of our ideas come from nature. Nature is nurturing and beautiful, it is the place to find our spirit and to express our spirit. This show is about appreciating nature and hopefully you will be inspired to grow a garden or keep nurturing your garden. 

Honeysuckle - Caprifoliaceae Family 

Magnets for hummingbirds. 

Hummingbirds represent joy and renewal. 

Honeysuckle range in color from white and yellow to purple, pink and red. After blooming the flowers are replace with berries ranging in color - orange, red or pink. 

Honeysuckles are native to the northern hemisphere, with certain species native to China, Japan, Europe and India. 

Meanings and symbolism - 

The name honeysuckle comes from the middle English word honeysouke, which translated to ‘honey suck’. Once you pick the flowers you can suck the nectar from the flowers. 

The honeysuckle symbolizes happiness and affection for new love. It has also been known to represent nostalgia for first loves or old flames. 

Honeysuckle are planted near homes to cultivate the feeling of nostalgia and to honor those who have died. It is also meant to bring positive energy and happiness. The honeysuckle in ancient times was planted to keep away negativity and evil spirits. 

Honeysuckle in History - 

Druids use the honeysuckle in the Celtic alphabet to represent joy and happiness. 

honeysuckle has been used to treat a number of ailments - digestive disorder, respiratory issues and headaches. Its uses include to treat arthritis, rashes, skin diseases and even snakebites. 

In China, the honeysuckle traditionally thought to remove toxins from the body and promote positive emotions. 

Honeysuckle in the Garden 

Honeysuckles are woody vines and shrubs that are vigorous climbers and need stronger support structures. Common species include Lonicara Fragrantissmia, which makes a great hedge, and the vining form, trumpet honeysuckle L.Sempervirens). The plants flowers are attractive and fragrant, a combination that hummingbirds and butterflies can’t resist. 

The Honeysuckle thrives in well drained soil and direct sunlight. 


Roses are the symbols of love no matter the color. 

Rosacea is made up of more than 100 species of perennial flowering shrubs. Roses are cultivated for their beauty, with colors including white, yellow, pink, and red. Most rose species are native to Asia, but some have origins in North America, Europe and Northwest Africa. 

Roses are typically grouped into three categories, species, old garden and modern: 

Species Roses are those that evolved and adapted naturally over time. 

Old Garden are classified as varieties developed by breeding efforts before 1860’s 

Modern roses are descendants of both groups and varieties developed since the 1860’s 

The Romans often planted roses on graves of loved ones. Romans believed roses were the symbols of life & death. 

In Colorado there is fossil evidence of roses date back 35 million years 

In China the cultivation of roses has been happening for 5000 years and more 

The oldest living rose bush is over 1000yrs old and is located at Hildesheim Cathedral, Hildesheim Germany. The roots of the rose survived the bombing of ww2 

During the roman period, the middle east was the popular growing spot for roses. Rose petals were often used like confetti for celebration, with Roman empire Nero staging rose feasts. They were also used to scent rooms, for medicinal use and fragrance 

There is a legend that Cleopatra filled a room more than a foot deep with rose petals to win Marc Anthony’s affection 

War of the roses - Lancaster - red rose - York - white rose - Red and white Tudor rose 

During the 17th century rose were seen as legal tender to barter for goods. 

The Rose is the national floral emblem for the United States 

Dr.Edward Bach, who is he? 

Edward Bach - (Batch) B September 24 1886 November 27 1936 was a Brittish Doctor specializing in bacteria, homeopathy. 

Dr. Bach studied medicine at University College Hospital, London. He obtained a diploma of Public Health at Cambridge. 

1917 Bach had a malignant tumor removed from his spleen. It was predicted he had three months to live. He recovered. 

Many of the Bach Flower remedied were designed while living in Norfolk in the 1930’s 

Bach worked at the London Homeopathic Hospital. In this period he developed seven bacterial nosodes known as the seven Bach nosodes. They are mostly confined to British Homeopathy practitioners. 

Bach claimed the dew found on flower petals retains the healing properties of that plant. 

Like the Gem remedy, Bach used 50: 50 mix of water and brandy - for his mother tincture. Then the mother remedy is diluted to make the batches for public consumption. 

Bach Flower Remedies are vibrational therapy. The idea is to assist with harmony within the physical body, washing the body with the vibration of the flower mixture to heal and raise the resonance of body, mind, spirit. 

These remedies do not take the place of medicine, they do support and assist with healing. 

It is the same concept as gem remedies - I spoke about gem remedies last year. https://clarityhandbook101.blogspot.com/2021/04/gem-remedies-more.html 

Bach Flower Remedy - Rock Roses - Helianthenmum mummularium 

Rock Rose relates to the soul qualities of courage and steadfastness. It is one of the most important components.of Rescue Remedy 

It is interesting to note that the flowers of the common rock rose are a particular radiant yellow. Yellow is the color capable of storing the maximum amount of heat radiation from the sun in flowers. 

Rock Rose Key Symptoms 

Extremely acute state of fear: terror and panic 

Symptoms due to energy block 

Suddenly escalating anxieties in physical or mental emergency situations 

Terror, horror, naked fear 

body rigid with fear, terror and panic 

Senses impaired by fear - does not hear, does not see, does not speak 

Heart nearly stops for fear 

Energy reserves poor 

Fear still in one’s bones, aftershock, after escaping by the skin of ones teeth 

Panicky nightmares (especially with children) 

Addiction to drugs 

Potential Following transformation


Able to grow beyond self in emergencies and crisis situations and to mobilize almost superhuman powers 

Does things for the benefit of others, regardless of possible risks to own person 

Supportive Measures 

As a rule possible in the acute state 

Learn to protect solar plexus mentally, by visualization a shield of light covering the solar plexus area. 

Breathing therapy 

Prayer & mantra 

Positive Statements for practice 

I am more than my body 

I am in the Creators hands 

References - 

Have a wonderful week! Keep your Heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE! 


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