Bellamy Bridge Paranormal Investigation


Bellamy Bridge and it surrounding is a beautiful place to go for a walk. Remember to bring bug spray as there are hungry mosquitos hanging around looking for tasty humans. If you are going as a paranormal investigator always remember to bring another person with you. You never want to investigate on your own. 

Arriving at the parking area for the bridge, I immediately could smell the spirits hanging around in the forest. I could feel the ancient part of this site as well. I could feel the Indian village that stood in the area. As we walked down the path, I could feel the the residual energy of the busy village. I felt like it was a permanent village. In other words I felt like there were people in the village year long. 

I recommend stopping at the first bench and connecting to the Indian Guardian there, maybe leaving a gift for him and just letting him know you are there to communicate, enjoy the beautiful forest and bridge. This will help your walk. When I stopped at the bench, I felt a little bit reluctant to move forward down the path until I tossed a rose quartz crystal where I thought he might be standing. After that, the tightness in my chest and my head alleviated and I was able to walk comfortably for a few minutes down the path. The Indian Guardian is definitely a strong presence on the path and he is there to protect the land. Be respectful. 

You will find there are guardians in many haunted places. Giving a gift and reassuring the spirit you have good intentions, will make your visit more pleasant.

My friend Tara and I paired up for this investigation, as we continued down the path, the both of us noticed movement within the trees. We stopped several times to see if she could get pictures of what we were seeing or if we could collect E.V.P. (electronic voice phenomena). with a voice recorder. It was a warm night, 60- 65 degrees. There were definite cool spots whenever we stopped to connect with the spirits. 

One of the impressions I received while connecting to the spirits at Bellamy bridge was that there were many transient spirits or spirits who were new to the area. From what I could hear from the spirits is after the hurricane (hurricane Michael) many of them moved to the bridge area. The spirits at the bridge are intelligent, they know they are in spirit form and are willing to communicate in many ways. 

When Tara and I were standing near the water, her hair was pulled several times. Both of us were cold and felt uncomfortable. We moved several times, the spirit followed us and continued with its mischief. 

Tara was able to take pictures of speeding orbs or what we call - zoom zooms. The orbs are traveling so fast it looks like streaks across the picture.  This happened through out our walk to the bridge. 

I did open a vortex for three spirits who asked for it. They left as soon as they saw the light. Which was a relief as I hate it when they follow me home. 

The overall feeling of the area is yes it is haunted, no it isn't scary. There are several layers to the haunting, the residual energy of the Indian village and the intelligent spirits who will communicate with you. There were times during the night when I could really feel that residual energy and it felt really nice and welcoming. 

Over all, there seems to be groups of spirits in the area. These groups follow and watch or try to communicate. 

I encourage you to go with Tracy and Susan Todd when they hold investigations in this area. You will definitely have an experience. Tracy and Susan Todd run Emerald Coast Paranormal Concepts. You can find them on Facebook and I am leaving their links below. I encourage you to follow the link to their website so you can see their experiences at Bellamy Bridge and elsewhere.

Have a wonderful week! Remember to keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE!


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