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Berlin Wisconsin - History & Tannery 

The City of Berlin straddles the Fox River for several miles. Founded in 1847 by Nathan Strong, its natural resources and location on the river contributed to its rapid growth. Strong and his colleagues were part of the Fourierite movement located in Ceresco (later the City of Ripon). Disenchanted with the movement Strong decided to strike out on his own and establish a new settlement. By 1850 there were 250 residents, most coming from the New England states. At that time only land on the east side of the river was available, the west side was still “Indian Country.” The Indians ceded their claim in late 1850 and it was opened for settlement. The railroad came in 1857 opening another avenue for travel for the residents. In that same year the city was incorporated.




Wisconsin Granite Company – Granite – Quartz amplifier


Fox River


Native American Land, Crow Sioux, Blackfeet – taken from them for the wealth of minerals, lush land. 


The Tannery – Yep it is haunted. It looks like there are some tricksters wreaking havoc there as well as other spirits. As far as a vortex being open in the tannery – not likely. Looks like layers of history, residual and intelligent haunting. We have to remember like attracts like. So, with this theory on mind – the spirits from elsewhere will be attracted to a place like this.  


Since I am not going to be visiting Berlin Wisconsin anytime soon this is speculation only. This speculation comes from my research. 


For these types of restless spirits, especially those who might harm someone. Salt the place down and bring in a native American Shaman to help with clearing the place. I believe that will get rid of that type of spirit. 


A Spirit has to be pretty annoyed for it to push that much energy around to harm someone.


This is why you never investigate on your own. Make sure you have a partner, especially going into a place you have never been before.  


Haunted and Cursed Objects – 


When I go to places or am at your house, you will notice, I won’t touch anything if I don’t have too. When I am out and about I don’t normally touch anything.  You might even see me put my hands behind my back. 


I learned my lesson from a haunted doll I picked up without thinking about it. 


I also learned this lesson from others who have bought haunted objects from auctions. Don’t do that if you do not have a safe place to store your objects – like donating them to Haunted Museums. People have brought these things home and crazy bad stuff has happened to them! 


I am going to put the names of some of the museums in the blog, in case you have bought or received an object that is haunted. Call them and see if they will take your object. 


I remember hearing Lorainne Warren talking about how she and Ed went to pick up the Annabelle doll and on their way home, they drove. The car stopped working a couple of times, they heard noises coming from the trunk of the car where the doll was stored. 


I think there was a time when the doll was able to get out of her box and wreaked havok in the museum. 


The doll is now locked down in a secure box in their museum. 


Hope Diamond – Smithsonian – bad luck to people who have owned it. 


There are many cases where cursed or haunted objects have done crazy scarey stuff and you want to make sure that doesn’t happen in your life. Life is precious! 


Check out the Paranormal Help Desk on Facebook - 


Here is a list of Haunted Museums - 


The Warrens Occult Museum – 30 Knollwood St Monroe CT 06468  - Open to the public

Zak Bagans Haunted Museum – 600 E Charlston Blvd, Las Vegas NV 89104 Purchase tickets for tours

The National Museum of the Paranormal 1600 3rd st 2nd Floor #202 Moundsville West Virginia – call for hours 

Museum of Death – 6031 Hollywood Blvd Hollywood Ca/ New Orleans  – Tours 

Lizzy Borden Bed & Breakfast Museum  230 2und Street Fall River Ma – open to the public

Mutter Museum – 19 S 22nd st Philadelphia Pa Purchase tickets

To donate your haunted object, make sure to contact them to see if they are interested. 

Have a wonderful and safe week! Keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of love! 














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