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Toxicity - the quality or state of being toxic: such as. a. : the quality, state, or relative degree of being poisonous. - Google

Environment - 

How can we help our environment? We can help by keeping our homes and green places clean. 

We can help the earth by learning about our soil and what it needs to be fertile. 

Example - I had a marvelous garden when I lived in Colorado. I started with raised beds, my house was built on schist, rock. The beds for my garden were rocked in and we brought in dirt from the bottom of a dried up pond hay and alpaca manure. I turned that dirt everyday for about a month before i planted anything. Luck for me the previous owner had planted holly hocks and day lillies. It was a lot of work but it was worth it to see my garden flowers and veggies grow. 

Many people talk about the earth being toxic. Everything on the planet right now is toxic. How do we amend it? By doing little things in our neighborhood. By inspiring other to do the same. There are more people aware of the problem and are working on it personally all over the planet. Why not be a good example wherever you live? Nature grows great plants to help with our health and wellbeing. Learning about what plants grow indigenously in your area and growing them. xeriscaping in some areas is always good. 

Remember to recycle, reinvent, re use, repurpose - for example - I do not use paper towels or napkins. I use towels and cloths. Yep, I have to do the laundry, but i have to do that anyway. I use laundry soap capsules instead of buying bottles of laundry soap.  Most of my friends know how much I don’t like going to the laudry mat!  UGH!

Small things are helpful for our environment. 

Do you know how much paper mills destroy our environment? Do you know how bad they smell? How many trees are lost from paper mills? Think about it, if you stopped using some of your paper products how much that will help the environment? 

What do you do to help? 

Toxic People

Low Self Esteem - They act out for attention

Unpleasant, Negative personalities

clingy, desperate

abusive  - mental, physically, emotionally

Manipulative, malicious


selfish, self centered, 

self harm


If you know someone who's difficult and causes a lot of conflict in your life, you may be dealing with a toxic person. These people can create lots of stress and unpleasantness for you and others, not to mention emotional or even physical pain.

A person who acts in this way may be suffering from low self-esteem themselves or other mental health conditions. They have experienced childhood trauma in some way, or have deep-rooted personal issues.

These habits or personality traits are sometimes learned from parents or other family members. As healers, empaths many times we want to help, we want to heal. However, we may have to support and suggest a person get help outside of what they are receiving from friends and other family members. I don’t ever have a problem with letting clients know they need mental or physical help. I encourage it. If there is a chemical imbalance in the mind, there are medical chemicals that can help them and support them in their effort to get clear, feel whole and balanced. 

A toxic relationship is one that has unhealthy dynamics and causes you distress or harm because you're unsupported, manipulated or disrespected. While we all have our moments and seasons of selfishness, a truly toxic person will take and take and take and give you nothing in return.

This kind of relationship can be between friends, family and lovers. When dealing with these types of relationships, we have to ask ourselves - Is it worth it to spend time with people like this who are unwilling to give up their toxicity? Leaving this type of situation is hard, but in the end it will be worth for you and your future. 

Toxic love may involve physical, mental, or emotional abuse, or it might involve manipulation, emotional blackmail, shame, control, or other potentially harmful behaviors. We'll explore toxic love in a variety of relationships, several feelings and signs of toxic love to keep in mind, and possible ways to cope

Here is an example of toxic love - I have a client who in high school fell in love. When her sweetie went off to college, she became really depressed. When he came home for the holidays, he broke up with her as he was maturing and wanted to have other experiences. When this happened she wouldn’t get out of bed. Then she got a job at an airlines. He came home for the summer and she gave everything up in case he called. He didn’t. She joined a twin flames cult to find her twin flame and went a little crazy. 

Now she is being treated for depression and seeing me twice a month to help her overcome her abandonment and self love issues. She is older, but not mature. She came from a great family. A loving and concerned family. 

This has toxicity all over it. The best way for people to shift from these levels of toxicity is to get help with changing habits and loving themselves enough to recognize what they are doing and empowering themselves. 

Helping Self - 

Look for the signs above so you recognize the signs of toxic people. 

Clear your energy field, remember to pull back those pieces of your energy back to you every day - this helps keep you full of energy and empowered and aware. When energy vampires see empowerment - they will avoid you. 

Remember to step into your disco ball everyday to protect yourself from unwanted energy. 

Be aware of how you interact and react to others - do not give your power away.

You can always use the Centering and Balancing meditation on my website to support you in your efforts

Cord cutting ceremony for big changes in your life

Be truthful with yourself

Please remember to take care of yourself first. Have a wonderful week! Keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of Love!

Auriel Grace


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