Sacred Sites - Kilauea & Pele

The book I use as a reference for this show is Crystals by and Sacred Sites by Judy Hall - you can find the book on Amazon. It is a great book to learn about the earth. 

The other Book I use for Crystals and Gemstones is Crystals - Jennie Harding 

I lived in Hawaii for about six years. I lived on the island of Oahu in Pearl City and Mililani. It is a very beautiful place to live. Because I don’t look like a haole/white girl, I was accepted.  In Hawaii the Hawaiian people are very generous, kind, accepting they are aloha. Aloha means love, peace and compassion, it is mutual understanding of respect. Everyone is your auntie, uncle, grandmother, sister, brother or cousin, they are your family, your community.  Hawaii changed me, I love Hawaii for teaching me about O’hana/Family the deep roots of community. 

Hawaii is full of ancestors, spirits, gods and goddesses, all are approached with respect and with reverence. 

The land there is alive, you can feel life all around you. This is why people go there to visit, to renew, rejuvenate, invigorate, rest etc. That is the vibe of Hawaii, all the islands are like that. They of course have different scenic places to visit, but the vibe is good everywhere. 

On Oahu there is an extinct volcano named Diamond Head. It’s called Diamond Head from the English explorers. They saw the living sparkling in the sun from the beach and thought they were going to find diamonds. If you visit Oahu, take the hike up Diamond Head. 

There are eight main islands, Ni’ihau, Kaua’i, O’ahu, Moloka’i Lana’i, Koho’olawe, Maui, Hawai’i 

I never made it to the Big Island of Hawaii. There are 137 volcanic islands, Hawaii is the biggest Island with the bulk of the island in the Pacific Ocean.  I am going to refer to this Island as Big Island. There are some legends saying Big Island received it name after Hawaiki which is the name of the afterlife for the Polynesians. 

The next big legend Big Island, Hawaii, is named after a Polynesian navigator Hawai’iioa. 

Today we are going to talk about Kilauea Volcano and Pele! 

This site offers :

Recreation and Renewal

Connection with the awesome power of the Earth

Safely traversing the Abyss

Heart Centeredness

Kilauea in Hawaiian means  - spewing or much spreading 

Kilauea is between 210-280,000 years old. It is the most active volcano on earth 

The bulk of Kilauea consists of solidified laval flows intermixed with volcanic ash and tephra. The volcano is is covered in historic flows. Much of it bulk is still underwater. 

Halema’uma’u is a pit crater within the much larger Kilauea Caldera at the summit of Kilauea volcano. 

Halema’uma’u served as body and home of the Goddess Pele, goddess of fire , lightning, wind and volcanoes

Where did Pele come from? Pele came from another island east of Hawaii. She lived on that island with her sister who was a water goddess. Her sister was afraid Pele would catch the island on fire and asked Pele to leave. Pele, found the Big Island, Hawaii, all its volcanic and fire activity and made Kilauea her home in the Halema’uma’u pit crater. Pele dwells and governs the boundaries of Puna and Ka’u. 

The function of Pele - creating new land, but also destroying what was once there. She is a balance of creation and destruction. 

For Many Hawaiians, Pele is considered Ohana - Family and is revered. She is an aumakua - family or deified ancestor for the people living in the districts of Puna and Ka’u on the big island. Pele is approached with respect when you visit Kilauea. ask permission before visiting.,forces%20associated%20with%20volcanic%20eruptions.Ä«lauea

This is a place when visiting where you can start a cycle of cleansing, a place where you can clear out your goo & cooties and start a new cycle for yourself. Big island is very fertile because of the volcanoes. You can feel the plants growing of you sit still enough and have the patience to listen with your heart. You will also feel the growth within yourself. 

Crystal Olivine and Peridot 

Both Olivine and Peridot are used to assist with neutralizing physical, emotional or mental toxicity. Assists with clearing old life patterns to encourage new experiences. Strengthens the heart and solar plexus chakra’s. Were peridot or olivine over the heart to assist with cleansing the aura. 

If you go to Hawaii, remember to be open to the energy, it is different from anywhere you have been and if you can, 'talk stories' with the Hawaiians!

Have a wonderful week! Keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE! 

Auriel Grace 


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