Opals - October Birthstone

Opal – October Birthstone – Magical stone

Form & Structure 

Amorphous (no crystal structure as in natural glass) mineraloid found in massive formation or as cavity fillings in fractures or pockets within bedrock 

Chemical structure silicone dioxide, with water present 5-10% The molecules containing the silicon and oxygen atoms are enclosed in tiny spheres, which capture and refract the light. 


White, blue, pink, red, black, orange-red, yellow, with different levels of rainbow opalescence. 


Consult a Specialist. Make sure you are buying a certified opal. They are easily created.




Australia, Mexico, USA 

Chakras – all

Healing Effects – match pieces of opal to the chakra to which they correspond by color, for example – blue for the throat tp open communication. 

Tradition, History and Lore 

The word Opal is adapted from the Latin term Opalus which came from the Sanskrit word Upala – which means ‘precious stone’

Writing before his death in 79 A.D., the Roman Pliny wrote of the opal as “Having a refulgent fire of the carbuncle (ruby or garnet), the glorious purple of amethyst, the sea green of emerald, and all those colours glittering together mixed in an incredible way.”

Roman - Ops, the Goddess of Fertility,  wife of Saturn 

Greeks – opallios – to see a change in color

Opals were valued above all gems around 250 BC 

During the middle ages Opals were considered good luck stones because the colors in the stone represented all the virtues of other stones. 

Blonde women wore the stone believing the stone would protect their hair from losing its color

Wrapping it in a bay leaf gave the holder the gift of invisibility. 

Napoleon presented his Empress Josephine with a magnificent red opal containing brilliant red flashes called the Burning of Troy. 


Sir Walter Scott’s Anne of Geierstein (Fiction) published in 1829 gave Opals a bad reputation. In the novel there is an Opal with supernatural powers and when bathed in holy water it turned gray and the owner died. The book was popular, during this year the sale of Opal went down by half and so started the rumor that opals were bad luck. 

Opal has been used by Native American Indian and the Australian aboriginal shaman to invoke visions.  Native American Indians also used the stone for their vision quests. Australian aboriginals used the stone for ceremonial dreamtime. 


Elemental Signs – Cancer, Libra, Pisces & Scorpio

Opals assist with creativity, inspiration and imagination, helping us to overcome our inhibitions in all situations. 

Varieties of Opals – Check out the links below to learn more about each opal - 

Andean Opal – Astrological Sign – Virgo & Aries

Andean Opals contain swirling of pink, black, beige, blue

This stone is used to activate the heart chakra while providing for centering and grounding.


Black Opal Astrological sign – Scorpio & Sagittarius

Black- Grey spectrum with brilliant sparkles 

It is an excellent grounding stone. 


Black Plume Opal – Astrological sign Pisces

Excellent stone for Sufi dancing, stabilizing of dizziness, promotes clairsentience.


Blue Opals – Astrological Sign of Taurus

Communication Stone, activates third eye. 


Boulder Opal – Scorpio

Brown – sometimes with red in the center. 

Assists with communication between the conscious and sub conscious, enhancing mental clarity.


Cherry Opal – Gemini

Orange-red to pink-red

Activates, cleanses and energizes base and sacral chakra to assist with centering. Stimulates clairsentience and clairvoyance. 


Common Opal – Libra

White, white- green, green, grey, grey-black, purple, brown – contains ‘no fire’.

Balance female/male energy, aligns and balances chakras. Facilitates alignment with the higher self. 


Dendritic Opal – Gemini

Dendritic opal contains no fire, it has a branching formation resembling moss, ferns or trees. 

Promotes growth spiritually and physically and can be used to enhance organizational skills. 


Fire Opal - Pisces, Sagittarius, Leo, Libra

Red to orange color and contains spectral fire.

This energy is conducive to mystery, variety, progress and change. 


Golden Opal – Leo & Libra

Red to orange – does not contain fire.

Activates Crown chakra and provides energy with the alignment of ethereal chakras and assists with energizing the base, sacral and solar plexus chakras. 


Green Opal – Sagittarius & Aries

Assists with proper positive action


Honduran Opal - Sagittarius

Configured as basalt with flecks of fire through it. 

Stability and provides for stimulation for each chakra


Opalized Nature – Leo 

Opalized nature consists of opalized shell, nature wood, limb casts, bog etc. These formations sometimes exhibit fire. 

Opalized Nature assists one in the progression toward ones destiny.


Pink Opal - Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius

Pink and white to lavender and cream, does not contain fire

Stone of renewal – renewal the sacred relationship between the self and All that Is.


White Opal – Virgo & Libra

White Opa; is colored as a milky white mineral containing a spectral of color. 

It can be used to stimulate the crown chakra and to provide deep states of mental clarity. It helps one to remain calm in the middle of chaos. 


Water Opal – Cancer

Water opal is colorless and clear, exhibiting a spectral of color suspended within the structure

It can be used for ‘gazing’ and to stimulate visions from within the realms of eternity. 


Other sources  - 

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Have a wonderful week! Remember to keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE!


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