Cultus – to Cultivate - to give gifts or sacrifices to the Gods 

Dictionary – A Cult is a religion or religious sect generally considered to be extremist or false, with its followers often living in an unconventional manner under the guidance of an authoritarian, charismatic leader.

Father Divine  - God – Peace Mission Movement

Father Divine was an evangelist – his messages came from the New Thought Movement (Law of Attraction) taught by George Baker. He taught he was God and referred to himself as such. 

He was an early Civil Rights influencer. He preached for equal rights for women and men. Giving women jobs that men would have in the 20’s – 40’s. He encouraged racial integration in all of his businesses and during sermons. 

He bought hotels and created boarding houses  to encourage racial integration within his ministry, helping his congregation get jobs, having banquets to feed his congregation good food so they could eat with dignity. 

What were Father Divines requirements for joining his congregation? 

Renounce Racism

No drinking/drugs

Self Sufficient

No Sex 

A portion of earnings goes back into the Peace Mission Movement. 

Father Divine was given the opportunity to buy a home in an influential neighborhood in New York. He would have his congregation meet at his home on Sundays. Which annoyed his neighbors because his congregation was made up of different races. They had him arrested for disturbing the peace. He was sentenced to a year in jail. A couple of days later the judge died. Which created quite a sensation – making the Peace Mission Movement very popular and the belief that Father Divine was indeed God. 

For more information about Father Divine check out the video – Father Divine The Most Important Cult You Never Heard of Maye Muse.

Jim Jones 

Cults – Jonestown – Rev. Jim Jones – The Peoples Temple -  learned much of what he preached about and did was inspired from Father Divine, he met with Father Divine to understand how Father Divine ran his organization. 

Over 900 people died in Jonestown, Guyana 11/18/1978

Heavens Gate – 1974 – 1997

A UFO Cult Formed by Marshall Applewhite & Bonnie Nettles  - After a near death experience, Applewhite and his followers believed the end of the Earth was near  and the planet was going to be recycled the believers started to prepare to leave the Earth on a spaceship trailing the Hale- Bop comet. They believed they had to shed their human bodies for the transition to happen. On March 26, 1997, 39 people died in Rancho Santa Fe Ca after drinking a mix of cyanide and vodka. 

What creates a Cult? 

Charismatic Leaders – the Authoritarian – the One

Demanding their following treat them as a deity. 

Doctrine – Thought reform – Brain Washing

Exploitation – Quality of Followers – Give up everything to their Cult Leader 

The Cult leader comes before your family. 

How does it happen? 

Step 1 – People who are searching meet a someone from the congregation

Step 2 -  You get the soft sell of unity and acceptance

Step 3 – Indoctrination – Doctrine

Step 4 – Rules

Step 5  - The outside is the enemy – no reasoning

Step 6 – Peer Pressure – Conformity

Step 7 – Total adoration 

Leaving the Cult 

You see the leader is infallible

Morality – Are they moral? Are they hypocrites? 

Reconstruct Reality


Be aware and present through out your days, stay vertical, so you are constantly connected to your spirit guides, angels and the Creator. This will keep you safe and out of harms way!

Have a wonderful week & keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE!

Auriel Grace



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