Edgar Cayce - 12 Lessons in Personal Spirituality

 Edgar Cayce – 12 lessons in Personal Growth

Meditation & Prayer 

‘For prayer is supplication for direction for understanding. Meditation is listening to the Divine within 1861-19

Set Times for Prayer and meditation daily

Lesson 1 

Cooperation – Channel of Blessings

'The first lesson as has been given, learn what it means to cooperate in one mind, in Gods way, for as each would prepare themselves in meditating day and night in what will thou have me do O Lord?’

Essentially, the readings present Jesus as our “Elder Brother” a soul who came to show each one of us the way back to our Spiritual Source by perfectly manifesting the laws of the Creator. Part of the mission was to demonstrate fully the living awareness of the spirit in the Earth – something each one of us will eventually have to do. Ultimately we will all be challenged to manifest that same pattern in our lives, through service to others to provide an example for all of human kind. 

Christ Consciousness  – a Pattern for perfection

Lesson 2 Know Thyself

Know thyself if ye would know thy god. If we could be of service to thy brother – 1256-1

Concept – 

Spirit is the life

Mind is the builder

Physical is the result

Spirit provides the creative impulse and energy in our lives. 

The mind focuses that energy into creative or destructive avenues of expression. The result of our interaction with the workings of spirit acted upon by the power of free will of the mind then becomes manifested in our lives. 

What we think we create

Like attracts like – We learn about ourselves through others.  – Universal Law

'And what ye sow , ye shall reap. It is , how ye mete that ye reap in thine relationships on to another . . . Then, the first law of knowing self, of understanding self, is to become more and more sincere with that thou doest in the relationships one to another. For the proof of same is the fruit therof. And when thou hast found the way, thou showest the way to thy brother.' 261-15

We can see our own troubles, strength and weaknesses through others. 

'Unchangeable laws – As Ye mete to others, it comes back to thee

As ye would that others should do to thee, do ye even so to them

This applies whether in family or in just acquaintances, or associates of any kind. 

Know that the fault ye find in others is a reflection of a fault in thyself. 

Be to others just as you would have others be to thee, and ye will remove much of that. Do not hold the idea, “Well, I know what they are going to say or do, but I’ll do as best as I can. Disregard that.  Know the spirit with which ye do a thing is the spirit that will respond to thee.' 1688-9


Reflection of qualities


Discovering the soul recognizes everyone as brother and sister – 

We become more aware as we waken into spiritual self as we become conscious of the fact that the Creator is aware of us, that the Creator is mindful of our activities, and that His spirit is within us as well as without. This is the essential purpose for knowing oneself.

Lesson 3

Ideals – In simplest terms and ideal is the motivating influence that undergirds the intentionality of why we do what we do. Motivation

Ideals help us deal with( and hold us accountable to) Those experiences we need in order to come to know ourselves. 

Ideals can help us work through the sometimes confusion we’ve come to call ‘Freedom of Choice.’

The application of Ideals – First, know thy ideal – spiritually, metally martially. Not so much as to what you like others to be, but what may be your ideal relationships to others. For he that is greatest is the servant of all – as the law of cause and effect. 1998-1

Essentially we are moving toward one ideal – which is Christ Consciousness. 

Lesson 4


'Faith, as been defined by Barnabas is the substance of things hoped for . . .Hence, as has been termed by many, that faith – pure faith – excepting or rejecting without basis of reason, or beyond the ken or scope of that as is  perceived through that man brings in his own activities through that of his five senses . . . '262-14

Faith, is an attribute of the soul that allows the Creators Spirit to work through us. It is an energetic force that provides a pathway through which the creative Forces can manifest. 

Faith is an inner awareness sparked by the soul. Faith is the evidence of the Creators promises fulfilled. 

Lesson Five Virtue and Understanding

'The Creator then, brought this world into being through faith, through virtue, through understanding. Would ye know His ways? They are not past finding out: for there is innate in each of individual that which makes for a way of association and of understanding to Him . . .'539-1

True understanding is the experience of the Creator’s Laws in the Earth. Understanding is a living awareness that cannot be taught. It is growth with Grace, it is what we do with what we know

Virtue is a response that originates from the soul level – the perception of virtues can lead to greater understanding – spending more time end energy seeing the good qualities of another person. ‘Judge not lest ye be judged’

A miracle is only the lawful unfoldment of the Creators Laws. 

Lesson Six – Fellowship

'Let that rather be thy watchword, “ I am my brothers keeper.” Why is thy brother? Whoever, wherever he is, that bares the imprint of the Maker in our Earth, he be black, white, grey or grizzled, be he young, be he Hottentot, or on the throne or in the presidents chair. All that are in the Earth today are thy brothers.' 2780-3

The difference between fellowship and brotherhood – One to God, the other to man. Brotherhood is an expression of the fellowship that exists in the spiritual life.

And it is only as ye deal with thy fellow man that ye show forth His Love. For as ye do it unto the least of these, thy brethren, ye do it unto thy Maker.  1620-1

We are responsible for our community on all levels

Lesson Seven - Patience

'Patience is not passive nor negative, it is constructive influence, a positive activative force. For, if one smite thee of the cheek, did he say withdraw? No! Rather turn the other! Be active in thy patience, be active in thy relationships with thy fellow man.' 815-2

Patience is not receptive, instead it is active. 

Patience is a state of Grace, it takes time to develop and utilize patience. 

Lesson Eight

The Open Door

Seek and Ye shall find: knock and it shall be opened onto you.  

Everything we seek is within each of us. All we have to do is attune ourselves to the Divine within each one of us. Everything we have ever searched for is with us as we follow the pattern for Christ Consciousness. 

Open that door within you. 

It is Christlike action, expressing the best we have to offer within ourselves in our daily lives, which opens the door to the activities of the Creator.

Lesson Nine

In His Presence

The creators desire is simply for each of us to express the full awareness of the living spirit in the Earth. 

Look within for the Grace of the Creator for that is where it is hidden. Find that within you and you will be that channel for the Creator on Earth, Creating your heaven on Earth for yourself and all those connected to you.  Worrying about the outside world creates more worry ask instead for the Creators blessing and assistance for whoever and whatever and let go so the energy of the help and blessing can be applied. 

Lesson 10 

The Cross and the Crown

'The Creator intended man to be a companion with the Creator. Whether in Heaven or on Earth or in whatever consciousness a companion with the Creator. How many lifetimes/experiences will it require for thee to be able to be a companion with Creative forces wherever you are' – 416-18

So our crosses  - habit patterns or desires that stand between us and a full awareness of our relationship with the Divine.  To reach Christ consciousness is to overcome our crosses. 

'Be patient, be kind, be gentle in thy ministering’s day by day: for through there may come those periods when the burden seems heavy: and the light fades in the life, yet he that is faithful unto the end shall wear the crown. Keep the fires of love burning in thy hearts day by day, for the love of god is manifested in the Earth through those that are just kind one to another.' 281-17

Lesson Eleven 


Humans create separation through their beliefs. They are so strong in their ways – their way is the only way and so there is division created. 

Remember there are many ways to the Creator because the Divine spark is within all of us. It doesn’t matter the way, the end is always the realization is the Creator is within all of us. 

Allow People to be who they are and be that great example for others to create peace and teach others the grace of patience and love as you and they grow and expand.  

Oneness is inclusion, it is Love. 

Lesson Twelve 


And now faith, hope and love abide. These and the greatest of these is Love – 1Corinthians 13:13 

Love is the highest resonance, through love all is healed. 

There are many aspects of Love. 

The Creator is Love.

Remember to keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE! 

Auriel Grace


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