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Third Eye/Brow Chakra

Third Eye /Brow Chakra

One misconception about the Third Eye/ Brow Chakra is that it is now completely open. Your chakra is always open and flowing. It is up to you to decide how much you want to know and see. You are the one in charge of your own destiny and how it plays out. Work with this chakra and see what it has to reveal to you!

Brow or 3rd Eye Chakra
 – This chakra is Indigo – Clairvoyance or higher and clearer perceptions – spiritual vision. 
You will be comfortable with insight, visualization, you have good intuition, fantasize
Under active – not good at thinking for the self. Rigid in thinking, relying on beliefs too much. Confused easily
Over active – fantasizing too much, hallucinations
Scents – Lemon, Pine, Hyacinth
Stones – Iolite, Amethyst
Tone - A

Are you able to stay present in your physical body?
Do you just 'know' or 'see' visions?

The third eye chakra is located in the center of the forehead.

To assist with balancing this chakra visualise this chakra in the middle of your forehead, your intention is the chakra is to see a beautiful indigo vortex, 3 inches in diameter and spinning at a comfortable speed for you.
Connect with the Chakra and breathe light into it. Continue to do this until you feel comfortable. Practice this exercise when you are feeling off balance.

Auriel Grace
A Gang of Girls

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