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I am a psychic, reiki master teacher, soul retrieval practitioner and author. I am not a psychologist. If I feel you need counseling I will advise you to seek help.  I am a really practical psychic, I live on Earth like you and we all need practical and loving advice. I am not mystically vague in my answers. If I do not have an answer for you I will let you know.  

There are various origins to the theory of the twin flame. In the philosophical text Symposium (circa 385 BCE), Plato said humans once had four legs and arms and two faces. The gods felt threatened by this, so Zeus split the people in two; humans would wander in search of their other half. - Google

A “twin flame” is a New Age concept that describes a certain intense connection between two individuals who are supposedly “two halves of one whole.” 'Twin flame' is not a recognized clinical term, although so-called twin flame relationships can often be described using modern relationship terms.

I have never met a person who had half a soul or missing their soul. Your soul is the eternal part of you, that continues through lifetimes. 

I recently started working with a client who was involved with a cult that had to do with ‘Twin Flames’. This person was advised they needed to embrace their divine masculine and become a male in order to be with their Twin Flame.  If you hear this line of baloney - run, run for the hills. You are absolutely perfectly you, you do not need to change your gender to attract a mate if you do not want to. 

Fortunately this person was able to get away and is now receiving assistance to help with the shock and balancing out their life. 

I have always seen this 'twin flame' thing as fiction. Everyone who I met who is in a 'twin flame' relationship are people who do not love and honor themselves and instead will stay in an abusive relationship because of this 'twin flame' idea. These relationships are destructive, painful and cultish. 

If someone is telling you to change your body, only pay attention to them, bread crumbing you, ghosting you and then love bombing you - run, run as fast as you can, block them and move forward, Anyone who abuses you is not worth your time.  Make the words 'twin flame' your sign to exit. 

Get a cord cutting ceremony and start clearing all that Goo & Cootie energy off of you to ease you into separation.

When these people leave these types of relationships they need help, support and love. So they can then start honoring themselves. 

They have been drained on all levels and need to heal. 

The 'Twin Flame' concept can also ruin relationships. If you are bored in your relationship. That is not a reason to destroy it. Instead get help and remember to communicate with your spouse. 

Please be discerning while searching for a mate. 


Love is glorious and wondrous, it is creative energy. Yes sometimes there are disruptions, again we are humans and have our humanness going on. Take a breath . . . communicate. 

Communication is key to all relationships. Learn how to communicate with your loved ones. Love is not fleeting. It is constant. Ask anyone who has been married for a while and they will tell you the same thing. We mature, we grow, we find new interests, everyone is different and wondrous. 

Our souls travel through time and space, there is always a group of souls that you will travel with to learn, grow and love. These people can be your relatives, friends, lovers, and enemies. As I said you all travel together and it is marvelous. 

If you see and treat every one as your soulmate part of your soul group, you are treating the people around you with love. You see all of them as special people in your life and this concept will ease you and take the burden of searching away from you. You will feel more at ease and have the ability to accept love as it comes to you. 

Take care of yourself, love yourself, be wondrous, be You!

Have a wondrous week! Keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE

Auriel Grace


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