Empowering You!


This is a very exciting time to be alive! I am excited to see the awesome changes coming to us!

Pluto Moves into Aquarius on January 20 for 20 years.

Pluto is the planet of transformation - Death and Rebirth, transformation and revolution.

It takes 250 years for Pluto to complete its transits through the signs. 

So what happened 250 years ago?

Pluto moved into Capricorn, 1778 and stayed until 1798. What happened during this time? 

Declaration of Independence, Constitution, French Revolution, Lots of Inventions, the start of Industrial Revolution and more


That’s why I decided we need to talk about you - Who are you and what do you want? 

What has to go, what can you bring back to life, what do you want to accomplish? 

Here are some things to empower you - 

Are you willing - Solar Plexus, Is Your Heart into it - Heart Chakra, Do you have a strategy - Crown Chakra - Psychic tip.


Why do we do the this meditation? To pull back all our energy from the people and places you have been to.. Pull it back to your core to keep yourself full - so you can do your thing in a good way without draining yourself.  This is an empowering meditation to do daily so you are always full and ready to accomplish your goals. 

Many of us care for people, we help them somehow, we want to make sure we feel grounded and centered during the day. 

There are many ways to ground and center yourself, going for a walk, using hematite, onyx, obsidian can help you with that. Making sure you are present during the day. 

Get rid of the spinning thoughts - when you are stuck in the spin - think about what you are grateful for.  Rewire your brain. 

Take a deep Breath . . .

Take a deep breath, think about the people you spoke to today, in person, phone, messaging, pull back into your energy back to you. 

Take a deep breath, think about where you have been, pull your energy back to you from these places. 

Take a deep Breath and feel your energy fill you back up. 

How do you feel? 

Remember to watch the Psychic Tip of the Day during the week. They are handy tips to empower you through the week. 

This is the year of infinite possibilities! What are you going to do with this awesome energy? 

Have an awesome week!  Keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE

Auriel Grace


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