Sacred Site - Lake Louis, Banff Canada

Lake Louis, Banff Canada

The Diamond in the Wilderness 

Corresponding Crystal Canadian Amethyst 

This site offers 

Spiritual peace and sanitary for your soul

Divine protection and teaching from your archangel of choice

A sense of sacred guardianship in your everyday life

A Source to call upon for assistance in time of need

Lake Louis straddles the United States and Canadian border within the Rocky Mountains. It is part of Banff National forest since November 25, 1885, as Banff Hot Springs Reserve. The conservationist prevailed when Prime Minister John A. Macdonald set aside the hot springs as a small protected reserve, which was later expanded to include Lake Louis extending north to the Columbia Icefield.

Lake Louis is the etheric retreat of Archangel Michael and Archeia Faith. Lake Louise sits in a basin with an amethyst core. Amethyst is a great stone for working with attuning to the Archangels and their Archeia. 

The Rocky Mountains contain a vast amount of crystals and mineral deposits. Lake Louise beautiful blue waters come from the melt off from glaciers and their mineral deposits. The Canadian Rockies are composed of sedimentary rock, including shale, sandstone, dolomite and limestone. These mountains are ancient. 

There is also a high amount of powdered quartz crystal in the melt off as well.The lake is a high voltage fluid battery. Drinking this water can only be great for all your bodies. You can imagine the high frequency that comes from Lake Louis and into its village. I believe this is why, even though it is so cold up there it is a high tourist destination. 

The Michael Vortex

Cathedral, Victoria and Michael mountain peaks anchor in a counter clockwise vortex above Lake Louis. The vortex channels high vibration energy into the lakes, Louism Moraine, Emerald, Agnes, Vermillion, Minnewanka, Celeste, Egypt, feeding the Earth’s electromagnetic grid so that the energy is distributed into a much wider area. 

Rocky Mountain Chakra System 

Crown Chakra - Lake O’Hare

Third Eye - Emerald Lake

Throat Chakra - Lake Moraine

Heart Chakra - Lake Louis

Solar Plexus - Brow Falls

Base Chakra - Athabasca Falls

Canadian Amethyst - 

Has many of the virtues of Amethyst. This crystal is heavier and denser that the amethyst from S. America or Africa. If you have ever been to a Gem & Mineral Show there is always a dealer there. Pick up the amethyst, you will see and feel the difference in the stone. (Show Amethyst from Creede) 

This Amethyst assist with stimulating the crown chakra, to help with connecting to the Archangels and their Archeia as well as the ascended masters and cosmic beings. Canadian amethyst can assist with deep meditation practice. It can help with your Clair’s. Amethyst is a great stone of protection especially for when you are asleep. Amethyst helps to calm your emotional and mental body. It harmonizes the brains hemispheres. 

Placing amethyst on a map where you know there is disharmony and intending the end of conflict can actually help the area. For example - when people ask me to pray for people i put their names on a piece of paper and place crystals on it. I place my hands on the crystals and pray. It helps to connect and creates a higher frequency through the prayer to help with healing. 

Holding Canadian Amethyst while meditating can help you with traveling out of body to the mountain peaks of Banff so help you connect with the Archangels and their Archeia. 

References -

Crystals & Sacred Sites - Judy Hall     

Have an awesome week! Keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE! 

Auriel Grace


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