Sacred Site - Mount Kailash, Tibet

 Mount Kailash, Tibet

Corresponding Crystal - Tibetan Quartz

Sacred Pilgrimage

Soul Purification

Mount Kailash  Sits in the center of six mountain ranges that create a sacred lotus. 

Mount Kailash is a natural shape of a pyramid, its four sides face the cardinal points of a compass. 

The head waters of four major rivers flow off the mountain, dividing the surrounding area into quarters. The rivers flow from archetypal animals

Narazara - snow lion  - east

Gyim Shang - peacock - west

Pakshi  - Horse - north

Sindhi  - elephant - south 

Mount Kailash is the ‘Abode of the Gods’ for Jain, Hindu, Buddhist and Bon spiritual beliefs. 

Pilgrimage is a single arduous walking trek around the mountain, which purifies the soul of defilement and brings good fortune. The trek makes a loop starting and ending with Buddhist monasteries, it is approximately 32 miles. The trek starts at Darchen at around 15,000 feet. If you decide to take this walk, make sure you are ready for the high altitude, so you do not get sick. 

Mythology, Lore, Legend

Hinduism - Mount Kailash is the abode of Shiva who resides there along with his consort Parvati and their children Ganesha and Kartikeya.

Jainism - According to Jain scriptures, Ashtapada is the site where the first Jain Tirthankara, Rishabhadeva attained moksha (liberation).[16] In Jain tradition, it is believed that after Rishabhdeva attained nirvana, his son emperor Bharata Chakravartin had constructed three stupas and twenty four shrines of the 24 tirthankaras over there with their idols studded with precious stones and named it Sinhnishdha - wikipedia 

Buddhism - Mount Kailash is known as Mount Meru. It is central to its cosmology and a major pilgrimage site for some Buddhist tradition. 

Vajrayana Buddhists believe that mount Kailash is the home of Buddha Cakrasamvara (Demchok) who represents supreme bliss

Bon -  a religion native to Tibet, maintains that the entire mystical region and Kailash, which adherents call the "nine-story Swastika Mountain", is the axis mundi or axis/pillar of the Earth

According to Bon tradition, the spiritual realm of Tagzig Olmo Lung Ring lies in an area some scholars believe to be above Mount Kailash. Similar to the buddhists Shamble, it can only be access by purification and enlightenment. No duality allowed. 

Crystals - 

Crystals and minerals connected to Mount Kailash one for each face - Ruby, Quartz, Gold, Lapis Lazuli - According to HIndu Vishnu Purana. The mountains bones are Tibetan Black Spot Quartz, which are gathered from the mountain itself. 

Tibetan Quartz Properties

Tibetan Quartz come from high in the Himalayas, holding the energy of the spiritual warrior, it deepens meditation and rapidly expands consciousness. Held over the 3rd eye, it activates the chakra with resonance of OM. This powerful centering and grounding crystal protects you while facilitating out of body journeying.

Tibetan Quartz healing properties

Buddhists medical text consider quartz one of the seven precious substances, This master healer has an extremely powerful resonance. It aligns all the subtle spiritual bodies, imbuing them with divine light, and harmonizes the meridian and chakra systems. Tibetan Quartz crystals are often double terminated with black spot inclusions. Double terminations break old patterns so these crystals are excellent for helping you move forward.

Tibetan Quartz clears your aura and etheric blueprint, creating multi dimensional cellular regeneration =. It helps heal eating disorders and assists breaking out of dependent or codependent relationships that are causing psychosomatic dis - ease. 

Tibetan Quartz crystal takes you into the heart if this crystal mountain. It resonates with the whole Himalayan range. 

References - 

Crystals and Sacred Sites by Judy Hall

Mount Kailash and the walk around the Sacred Mountain


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