Intention, Resolution, Gratitude & #7

 2+0+2+3  = 7 - Intuition/ Spirituality

Seven is the number for Spirituality and Intuition. Connecting or learning to connect to your higher self, using discernment with your intuition all the fun stuff! It is cool we are starting the year with Mercury Retrograde, so we can make sure all the residual goo & cooties are removed from our beings by the end of January. We can get our schedules all organized and have our resolutions listed out so we can put them where we can see them every day!

While making your new years resolutions, remember you have to believe them if they are going to come to fruition. 

So the first thing you need to think about is what do you believe about yourself?  Are you the type of person that is going to stick to and fulfill your resolutions, what you believe about yourself? How much do you value yourself? 

Some Peeps say oh I do what you say Auriel, everyday I say my intentions I follow my _______  -nothing is happening!

Do you believe it? Do you believe you can make it happening or are you giving yourself lip service? 

You might have to decide is what you want really what you want or is it something you have been taught to want it? 

Now that I laid that out this is the year of spirituality and Intuition - what does that mean? 

I feel like it means we really need to look around our lives and see what resonates, listen to our inner guidance and start making moves that resonate with us. They don’t have to be huge moves, they can be subtle, they can be that you decide you are going to take better care of yourself, love yourself, learn something you always wanted to learn, start a new hobby, move.

The big stuff, maybe you want to finish your education, you want to change careers, maybe you want to take two vacations in a year instead of one. 

What are your new years resolutions? 

I made a new years resolution last year and was able to achieve it - 

I have over 1000 followers on Instagram, my resolution this year is to get to 5000. 

I finished and published the 5th Lucy Prophet Book

I finished the first Diva Chronicles Book

I exercise every day 

I stuck to my financial budget

Those are some of my Resolutions from last year and I stuck to it, when I had to do research to figure out how to better whatever my goals were, I did it and kept right one rolling. 

Okay so how do I do it? I am determined, thats what I have learned about myself. 

Resolutions are intentions - So what the heck is an intention? 

Intention is creation - Through Intention I have created my life. I am going to give you some intentions - these are basic - you can take them and make them yours with your words. 

Money comes to me really easily and effortlessly from expected and unexpected sources

I am aligned with the energy of love

My career(s) are fun fulfilling prosperous and abundant

I am healthy happy whole guided guarded and connected to my divine source 

Before you say your intentions - think about what you are grateful for - What are you grateful for? I am grateful for you! Without you my life would not be as fun as it is!

Gratitude will change your life in a big way - In fact I have a challenge for you - Can you go for 24 hrs without complaining? Can you go for 24 hours thinking only positive thoughts and being grateful? Let me know if you can when you are done! 

Gratitude raises your resonance, it opens you up for more of what you have now - I am not just talking about material things, I am talking about the positive energy that comes to you to create with. It draws to you more to be grateful for. 

What are you grateful for? Think about it for a few moments, test it, how do you feel? 

Here is your homework - Start writing down what you are grateful for, as you write about what you are grateful for your resolutions/intentions will come to you. Write those down. Make it a habit to take time to do this. It will help you with clarity and raise your resonance, brings you present, so you can appreciate your accomplishments, large and small. You will find you will start being open to energy, ideas, signs you are working your path, and direction on how to accomplish what you set out to do! 

Have fun doing your homework! 

Have a wonderful week, keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of love!

Auriel Grace

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