Norse Gods & the Nine Realms

Norse Mythology is one of my favorite subjects. We started our path  looking at the different mythologies, looking at the Anunnaki or our Extra Terrestrial brothers and sisters and asking how they came to earth and how many different ‘ races’ influence what we believe now. 

The Norse Gods so far are the most cosmic, they are the closest to the Galactic Federation as we can get. “The Norse Gods are the Guardians of the Cosmos’. That quote and similar ones are used in many of the modern books about them. 

The Norse Gods are immortal, they can be damaged and die from serious injury. Like many of the Gods we have spoke about from other pantheons. According to the myths the Gods died during Ragnorak - their end of the realms story, leaving only one female and one male to restart the population of a new realm. Their version of the Adam & Eve mythology? 

Most of the legends and stories were not originally written, they were told orally by the storytellers within the Norse tribes.

If you want to learn more about Norse mythology you can check out   - 

Song of the Vikings: Snorri and the Making of Norse Myths by Nancy Marie Brown.

The Poetic Edda by Snorri Snurlson.

Here is an introductory to the Norse Pantheon and their nine realms

Yggdrasil is a tree central to the Norse concept of the cosmos. Yggdrasil’s limbs extend to carious realms/planets and the various creatures who dwelt within them.  Yggdrasil is a Cosmic tree holding the balance within the nine realms.

The three main Norns take care of Yggdrasil 

Urd - Old English - Wyrd, Weird - means Fate

Verdandi - to become  - ‘That which is happening.’

Skuld - skull ’need/ought to be/shall be’ obligation

The Norns are the Norse Prophets. They give vague guidance to the Gods to assist them on their paths of keeping the Cosmos in balance. 

These three Norns keep Yggdrasil in balance and healthy as the health of Yggdrasil reflects the health of the Nine Realms. Every day they water the tree from the well of Urd. This nourished the roots to keep the health of the tree. 

The fruit of the tree is known to heal and wound or illness, the leaves are known to bring back the dead. 

There are many other 'subsidiary' Norns who assisted with the destinies of the gods.

Nine realms - Parallel Universes

Asgard - Where the Aesir reside, their fortress of renown beauty Asgard is home to the primary gods, demigods and healers who protect the nine realms.

The Aesir or Asgardians were the guardians of the cosmos. They were a military society, everyone had their role and each role was just as important as any other, from Odin, their All Father, to the person who sharpened their blades. 

Aere - Honor, Loyalty, Love - Their motto

Asgard is a beautiful realm with lush forests, grand homes and castles, beautiful farmland and more. It is a place of wisdom, beauty and grace. 

It is also where the hall of Valhalla resides - Odin's Warriors

Odin - Alfodr 

Frigga - Goddess of Marriage

Baldar - God of Light

Hod - Blind God - Killed Balder  with a mistletoe arrow - started Ragnorak - end of days

Nanna - Goddess of Warmth - Married to Baldar, Mother of Forsythe - God of Justice

Vali, Vidar Vili, Ve - Odin’s Brothers

Braggi - Old Poet - Storyteller

Eir - Goddess of Medicine/Healing 

Thor - God of Thunder - Great Warrior 

Sif - Goddess of Beauty & Harvest - Great warrioress

 Ullr - God of Winter


Hoenir - Creator 

Mimir - God of Counsel and Wisdom

Tyr - God of War

Idunn - Goddess of Wisdom & Immortality 

Heimdall - Guard of Asgard - Rainbow Bridge 

Sol - Sun

Mani - Moon

Vidar - God of Revenge - Kills Fenrir

Vanaheimr home of the Vanir, secondary gods - the gods of fertility, wisdom and clairvoyance - seeing the future. Home of the secondary gods - magical - wild and natural.

After a horrible war the Vanir and Aesir decided it was better to live peacefully with one another. These secondary Gods gave the Aesir a broader way of thinking, opening their logical minds to magic and energy to broaden the Aesir’s way of thinking. 

Hall of Folkvangr - Warriors afterlife similar to Valhalla  - Freya's Warriors

Home of the Valkries - Warrior Goddesses

Vanir - 

Njord - God of Wealth & Sea

Skadi - Aesir Warrior - Goddess of winter sports

Frey - God of Spring & Fertility

Freya - Goddess of Love, beauty, Commender of the Valkaries 

Symir - 

Alfeimr - the land of Elves - home of the light elves - more beautiful than the sun 

Midgard - home of Men - Earth

Nidavellir - the land of the dwarves and dragons. Creator of the gifts to the Gods. blacksmiths

Jotunheimr - Iced Giants - Ymir, Loki, Andrboda mother of Fenrir, Hel, the big snake - Giants  One of Yggdrasil’s root grow to this realm. 

Ymir - Odin slayed him and created the Earth with his body parts

Loki - God of Chaos, Trickster

Andrboda - Loki's wife I

Fenrir - wolf - Loki’s son

Hel - Ruler of Helheim - daughter of Loki

Jorgmander - world snake - son of Loki 

Loki, Sigyn - Vali, Nari 

Loki, Svadilfari - Sleipnir - eight legged horse

Muspellsheir - realm of fire - Surtr - emerged from the fire to destroy the Bifrost bridge. Primordial world

Nilfheimr  World of Mist primordial.  One of Yggdrasil’s roots grow to this realm Nithog the giant dragon gnaws on the root of Yggdrasil.

Helheim -  This realm is ruled by Hel - Loki’s daughter. This is the realm of the dead. Those who died without glory.  One of Yggdrasil’s roots grow to this realm.

Since the Norse people recently started writing their stories, there are discrepancies as their history/mythology was through storytelling. I like the fact that each story has different versions. Each of the realms are so different from the other but hold great cultures. 

What do you think? 

Let us know!

Have a fun week! Keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE! 

Auriel Grace


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