Love and Ancestors

 Love and Ancestors

While doing readings Peeps will ask  -

Are my family members who have passed okay? 

Yes, they are. From what I understand from other spirits who have passed on – this is what happens – 

They hang out a little before they walk through the veils. If there death came on suddenly, they might hang out a little longer. Depending on what happened. When they go through the pearly gates or the veils there is a time where they get cleaned up. This is a time where they start to understand their souls journey. They can still ‘visit’ you and are aware of what is going on during this time of clearing. 


For example one of my clients parents died suddenly. The new wife decided not to honor the will from the father. My client called to see if there were copies of the will. I gave her advice on how to get another copy of the will so she could go to court. I also heard from her father, for her to look under the floorboards in the coat closet of the house she lived in. She freaked out about that because she just had new carpet put in throughout the house! But she figured out how to pull up the carpet and pull the boards out of the closet. In the floor of the closet was a metal box with pictures of her family, a bank key and instructions about the bank and the box. Her father had left her some old bonds, antique jewelry and money to share with her sibs. Pretty cool ha?


Do they visit? 

Yes, they do! My Great Gran died around my birthday a while back, she came to visit me and stayed for a while off and on. I could tell when she was around because I could smell toast and coffee. She changed as she ‘visited’ me. I always encouraged her to go on ahead and start the rest of her journey. What I didn’t know was she was waiting for my aunt Vonnie to pass so they could hang out together. When the both of them showed up, I told them both to get on the next train to the pearly gates. 


Are they here?

Well, yes they do visit during celebrations, anniversaries, birthdays etc.  You can tell by lights flickering, perfumes, or other smells, objects being switched around. 


The changes that seem to happen to them is they become more themselves, pure, as they move through the cleansing part of their journey. They will appear looking younger, with more energy. 


How can you talk to them? 

When you feel/ smell/ see/ hear them, start talking to them. That will draw them closer to you. You will hear their answers, feel their energy. Don’t be afraid of them. You weren’t afraid of them in life, why be afraid of them in spirit form? We are energy, they are energy, just different forms.


Sometimes our nearest and dearest don’t hang out at all, they just move right along and don’t look back. That’s great! That means they are moving through their soul’s journey and this should be encouraged. 


I knew a gal who had a hard time letting go of her husband. Well her husband after a while moved on. Because her grief was so big she attracted in a spirit that haunted her. It appeared as her husband and tricked her. To this day the woman is haunted by another spirit, not her husband. 


Some of our ancestors will reincarnate as our children, grandchildren, nieces nephews etc. Which is very cool, you can see or feel it when the child is born. Totally cool. 


Clearing the line – some of us have had abuse, neglect, abandonment, frustration, anger and more from our family. One of the ways to start clearing that out is to forgive. 


Yep, forgive those who have passed on, so you and they can move on. You don’t have to do it all at once, you can take your time with it. 


My Great Gran and Gran had a contentious relationship. My Great Gran was not nice at all to her daughter, in fact she was abusive to her. My Gran would always complain and be sad about how my great gran treated her. I advised her once, to try to forgive her mother, who was dead and gone, could not hurt her anymore. My Gran was did not agree with me and went on with her life an unhappy woman, bless her heart.


By clearing the negative energy in your family line you make room for the next generation to be clear, make better decisions for themselves. Hopefully move out of drug abuse or alcoholism that might run in the family. Maybe all the women in your line have just settled with their lives. You look at that and say I am not just settling for a life I do not want. You break that chain, no matter if the women in your life complain, gossip or treat you badly, you are breaking the energy chain for yourself, children and grandchildren. 


For those of you who want to clear the line, the Ancestral Clearing Meditation is on my website – click on the meditation page – pick which line, male or female and do this meditation 2x a month. 


The meditation will help you clear your ancestral line, layer by layer. You will benefit from it as well as your children. You can do it with compassion and love. 



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Have a wonderful week, keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of love!

Auriel Grace


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