2019 Predictions

Every year Archeia Hope and I put together predictions for every year. She helps me see the energy waves moving through the Universe. 

First for those of you who are just starting to read Clarity 101, Archeia Hope is the Divine Compliment to Arch Angel Gabriel. They are the Creators messengers. They have lots of messages. Archeia Hope has been guiding all of my life. I am a trance channel for Archeia Hope. That means I fully incorporate her when we channel. I channel with my eyes open and she will move my body around when we channel for the public. Because of Archeia Hope, I can smile and feel positive no matter the circumstances I may find myself in. 

Here is what she has to say for you personally and globally - 

The energy waves in the first part of this year will propel you to your next steps.  What we mean by this is whatever you are focused or your goal are, this is the time for you to put energy or action behind them. Let go of your fear and move forward with your plans, trust your instincts and intuition. 

Take time to connect with your higher self, your soul, to understand your next steps. Sit quietly and reflect on what your goals and intentions are. You will start to see your path as you reflect. Follow the path to your end goal. You may find you will have some connections to make, places to be in order to be rewarded with the completion of your goals. Follow through with what you are seeing and feeling. 

At this time the 'energy wave' is pulling back, think of this wave as the ocean. The water is receding right now, this is the time to set up your resolutions or goals. The wave will start to build at the end of this month of January 2019. When the wave builds this is the time to put your energy in motion. The wave will crest around the Spring Equinox.

The second wave will start to pull back at the end of March. Take your information you have gathered and perfect it at this time. The wave will start to build in April and crest before Summer Solstice. Again putting your energy in motion. 

By feeling and following through with energy you will find yourself able to move through your life with ease and grace. You will be able to see the paths you will follow to complete your goals.  Follow through with your souls journey.

Now we will speak of the United States. Many of you have pulled the blinders away and are seeing your country for the first time and making decisions accordingly. Some of you are taking a stand and voicing your opinions. We ask that you educate yourselves and do not follow blindly while dealing with society. We ask you to make decisions from your heart rather than your ego. Do not force your opinions, put action into your goals as far as assisting with the better good. There is so much to do to help bring balance to the United States. 

Trust yourself and the connection you have with the Creator as you start to work within your communities to create balance. This is where is all starts at the community levels and assisting with bring the communities into unity. 

There is unrest moving through your country, bringing awareness of how unbalanced your government is right now. This part of the Divine plan to wake you, to assist with raising your awareness and giving you the choice of participating in creating a great government. For this country was created By the People and for the People. If you do not believe this is the truth of your country and you have means work to better your country start falling through and put energy behind your intention to assist with creating a wondrous government. 

Start with assisting with bringing unity into your community. 

We will be speaking through Auriel Grace on January 20 2019 through live video with more concepts and ideas for you to follow through and assist you with seeing your path, what your goals were before you came into this life. 

Until then, keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE! 

Archeia Hope, Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Gabriel, Messengers for the Creator. 


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