Aligning the Heart

Why is it important to release unrequited love, heartache and heart break and forgive?

It is important to release these hurts and burdens so you can open yourself to accept the energy of love of all kinds.

Soul Retrieval for the Heart is a way to forgive the self and others, release that binding energy so you can learn to love yourself above all else. 

When your heart is healthy, you start to understand the equal exchange of energy and you stop being in fear on many levels. The energy is the absence of Fear. 

You will be more compassionate and understanding. Setting boundaries will be easier as you will love yourself enough to stay free of anyone or thing that binds you. 

Forgiveness will set you free to love yourself and others with out fear. 

How many times will you have to repeat the sessions? As many times as it takes to get you to a place of peace with yourself. 

So many people are pleasers, you want to make sure every one is happy, while you remain unhappy and unfulfilled.  Soul Retrieval for the heart will assist you with being discerning and putting your happiness above others. Yes there may be people who you will loose along the way of your healing. There will be others who come in who are now resonating at the same frequency as you. These relationships will be more fulfilling on many levels for you and the quality of your life will change as you do. 

Clearing the Heart can assist you with being present and looking to your future!

During Heart Soul Retrieval We will Release:

  • Unrequited Love -love sent out/given & not returned
  • Heartache & Heartbreak - breakups, death, addictions can all cause us heartache and it can break our hearts.
  • We will clear this energy from your present and past lives.

This release can assist you with caring and loving yourself so you attract true love into your life.

It will help you maintain your energy and you will feel you do not react to mean people or bullies.

​You instead have compassion and understanding for those people and choose to set up healthy boundaries for yourself.

You forgive and move on freeing yourself up for what you deserve.
Forgiveness will set you free!

Auriel Grace
A Gang of Girls Radio


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