Obsidian –

Category – Volcanic Glass

Fracture- Conchoidal - describes the way that brittle materials break when they do not follow any natural planes of separation.

Moh's Scale – 5-6

Luster Vitreous

Optical Properties Translucent

Chemical Formula - 70–75% SiO2,
plus MgO, Fe3O4

Color – black, Dark Brown & Dark Green

Easily Obtained

Chakra – Root

Geographic - Obsidian Cliff in Yellowstone National Park, the Big Obsidian Flow in Newberry Crater, Oregon, or Glass Mountain in Northern California. Britain, Italy, Mexico

Obsidian is dense volcanic glass, black in color. Glass, volcanic or manmade, cools quickly from a molten liquid without forming crystals, the building blocks of the minerals making up most rocks. In nature, erupting a glass flow requires an unusually viscous magma, one that has both a high silicon dioxide (silica) content and a very low water content. When viscosity is high and heat loss is rapid, crystallization is inhibited.

Obsidian is rich in iron and magnesium. Tiny crystals of iron oxide give the obsidian its dark color. Different oxidation states of iron can tint the obsidian red, brown, or green. Obsidian is commonly banded or streaked, because the high viscosity of molten obsidian prevents impurities or bubbles from easily mixing with the surrounding magma.

Most obsidian is younger than 20 million years, because any obsidian older has changed from glass to crystalline rock. Over eons, the silica molecules within the glass slowly rearrange into organized crystal structures.

Native Americans, prized obsidian for arrowheads. Obsidian was traded hundreds of miles from its source.

Physical/ Emotional

A Powerful psychic protection stone. Helps deflect needy or energy draining projected by other people.

Draws in Earth energy to strengthen and stabilize the physical body. Cuts through deception, bringing clarity and focus to questionable situations.

I keep my big piece of Obsidian on my front window ledge of my home with a Quartz Crystal. It is charged to keep the area around home clear of emotional garbage.

Healing Effects

Place between the feet or a small piece in each hand to ground and strengthen the energy field. Use this stone when you are invoking the Arch Angel Michael and Archeia Faith to cut and cauterize cords and clear your energetic field.

Personal Uses Place in home to absorb excess electromagnetic energy. Wear or carry as a stone of protection.

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