Energy Healing Enhanced this Time of the Year

Energy Healing Enhanced this Time of the Year  

I had the pleasure of meeting a truly awesome healer on Friday night at the Elevated Delights Drum Circle, her name is Rose. After hearing her description of what she does I asked her to come down to Elevated Delights on Saturday to do a treatment on me so I could describe it to you.

The picture above shows you the Crystal Layout she created for me. Rose uses a Crystal Weaver Pendulum to assist her with what the person needs placed on them and around them. 

As she started placing the crystals I started to feel relief and release through out my physical body. I started to feel like I had more room within me and around me as she continued. 

Before the healing my eyes felt like I had pins going through them. My neck was hurting and my shoulders were very tight. I was having a pain in my left side near my solar plexus. I also had been feeling like I wasn't being heard as far as conveying messages, I was frustrated.

Instantly, my eyes felt better. My neck started to unwind and my throat stopped feeling tight. My solar plexus area feels very clear and I have relief. My frustration is gone. 

Rose used her drum as well and she chanted. 

Rose also created an elixer for me usung her intuition and her pendulum. I did as she prescribed. We shall see what happens with the energy of the elixer.

It is the next day, Sunday and I feel great! I had great sleep! I am thankful for that! 

Rose will be available for $50 Fridays at Elevated Delights. I am really excited!

So what about having Healing treatments during this time of the year? I recommend if you are feeling or hearing you need treatments, Intuitive Readings, Shamanic work done this is the time of year to do it. The veils between dimensions and worlds are thin right now and that will enhance the work done. Practitioners can recieve messages, and energies easier during this time of year. So I encourage you to go to your favorite gifted people and recieve whatever you are drawn too! 

Here is information about Rose - 
Balancing your chakras inproves your health and well-being, physically, mentally and emotionally. When your Chakras are in balance you experience a long-lasting feeling of well-being every day of your life. Chakras are like the power stations of our bod and they need to be totally in balance for us to feel good. Cultivating and enhancing these chakras is vital to sustain our health systematically and prevent us from being ill. Knowledge of the Chakra System and it's importance as well as developed practices to enhance and energize them, is true ancient wisdom. Join Rev. Rose Whiteside as she balances your chakras on Fridays 1230-7pm. $50 per session. 
Here are some more pictures of mine and Todd's sessions

See you soon!

Auriel Grace


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