Psychic Tip of the Day - Beloveds & Soul Mates

Recently I have been answering a free 1 question readings. More than half of the questions are will I find my Beloved or Soul Mate. I received good advice from a friend of mine about ten years ago – If you see everyone as your Soul Mates you have found them.

This is so true and it takes practice in looking at everyone as your soul mate. This helps you acknowledge the specialness of yourself and the people you know. You start to see everyone in their Highest Light. When you can do this you can also see yourself in your Highest Light. This is a good thing and it takes lots of unconditional love and courage of the self.

There is no reason why you will not find that special someone or some ones. Some people grow and expand faster than others and this is a choice. Growth means change and change can be scary even if it is good change.
Many times when a relationship ends it is because of growth and expansion of one of the partners. What can you do but move on to a different adventure and honor yourself and the other person.

Many of the beings/people on this Earth want a life mate. This is something they yearn for and nothing will satisfy them. I have worked with beings/people that have this imbedded in their core. This feeling many times comes from past life loves that were not fulfilled either through death or other circumstances. This can block seeing or meeting you life partner in this lifetime. Past life work can be done to help with forgiveness of the self and the other is a huge step to opening yourself to a life partner in this lifetime.

When forgiveness of the self and others happens you become lighter and brighter. It is easier to be opened to new ideas and ways of being! So be light and in joy, that is why you came to this planet!


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