Friday, August 12, 2016

Psychic Tip of the Day - Boundaries - Self Preservation

Boundaries are what I call decisive action. It is you letting your friends, family, significant others and acquaintances know who you are.

We have friends and family, if you give them an inch they will definitely take a mile. They will wear us down with their demands and attitudes. We might do everything we can to please and appease them. Nothing will ever be good enough and we exhaust ourselves trying.

We think maybe if I try harder I can be a better guide to this person.


Instead of bending over backward and doing all kinds of crazy acrobats, try setting up some boundaries with this person (s).

This is a ‘be present and honor yourself’ lesson.

Here is your checklist –

1.) How do I feel when I am around this person (s)?
2.)  How do I feel after I leave this person (s)?

If you feel disrespected, disregarded, manipulated, tired, exhausted or despondent it is time to end the relationship or set your boundaries.

My advice if you decide the relationship is worth saving and you still want to assist the relationship set a time limit with your contact with this person. Set an egg timer, use your phone if it has a timer. Let the person know –

I have ten minutes to talk to you today.

Stick to your time limit, remember this person is used to getting what they want from you.

I call these types of people energetic vampires. Many energetic vampires know exactly what they are doing and either are perfecting the art or on their way.

If you think you can help this person expand themselves and move out of this way of being with you, set those boundaries and stick to them.

Sometimes we have to walk away. We have to keep moving forward and let them go. Don’t feel guilty. Trust the Universe, that there will be another person(s) who will come into their lives to help them out of the energetic vampire stage. What a great teacher they were for you, they taught you what you don’t want so you can be open to what you do want!

Awesome, right?

I have had to walk away from people I love still because I decided I have done everything I could to make this situation better. Yes, more than once it broke my heart. I mended and I am more present and decisive in my friendships now.

I learned over the years that the friendships have to be an Equal Exchange of Energy and more for me to get involved. If it is not an Equal Exchange of Energy I walk.

This is the only lifetime I will be Auriel Grace and I want the rest of this lifetime to be joyful, full of wonder and more!

This is a decision you can make too!

Keep your Heart open and aligned with the energy of Love!

Movin', Groovin', Thriving & Vibing!

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