Atlantis Pt 1

 Homer details accounts of Troy through the Iliad & Oddessy  - thought to be myth - 

The city and battle of Troy were thought to be a myth when the city of Troy was discovered in 1870 by Heinrich Schliemann. It is now a Unesco world heritage centre. It is no longer a myth. 

Atlantis - real or myth? 

Let’s go back to ancient Sumeria. According to Zaharia Stitchen Enki had two sons, Ptah & Thoth.  During that time the original colony of E.D.E.N was growing, the population became too much and the Annunaki with their humans started settling in different areas of the Earth. 

Thoth left E.D.E.N. in search of a home as well. Thoth or Hermes speaks about Atlantis. We will be talking more about Hermes when we talk about the Greek Pantheon. Hermes is the reincarnation of Thoth. 

We have the great Greek philosopher Plato to thank for the ongoing obsession with the lost city of Atlantis. Around 360 B.C., Plato wrote that Atlantis was a great and wonderful empire destroyed some 11,000 years before by earthquakes and floods during a 24-hour period.  Plato heard about Atlantis from Solon who heard about it through Egyptian Priests. 

The Greek philosopher Plato spoke of orichalcum a legendary metal when he mentioned it in the Critias dialogue. Plato described Atlantis as flashing “with the red light of orichalcum,” he wrote that the metal was mined in the mythical island and was used to cover the interior of Poseidon's temple.

Orichalcum was supposed to be a shiny alloy, much like brass. It's known from ancient texts, like Plato, which described it as a rare metal, mined at Atlantis. Plato described a temple to Poseidon that had an entire pillar of orichalcum, Seeker says.

Orichalcum was discovered off the coast of Sicily, near Gela in a 2600 year old shipwreck with 47 lumps of orichalcum. The shipwreck dates back to 600 B.C. This mineral looked like brass.

Thomas More - Utopia - he is talking about the theory of Atlantis

Francis Bacon - New Atlantis 

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky writes about the Root Races  - The Secret Doctrine 1888 She writes about the being who lived on Atlantis. Her writings were expanded by other Theosophist - William Scott Eliot - The Story of Atlantis 1896 & the Lost Lemuria 1904

Edgar Cayce while trans channeling does readings describing Atlantis and its inhabitants.

It has long been recognized that migration legends from natives in North, Central, and South America support the migration of advanced groups to various locations in the Americas corresponding to Cayce's accounts of Atlantis. In recent years, archaeological work has shown that Cayce's accounts of the Atlantean migrations to the Americas is consistent with the archaeological evidence. Now, however, research on a form of DNA recovered from ancient remains almost perfectly matches Cayce's account. This was an unexpected scientific surprise that appears to support the contention that Atlantis was in the Caribbean area. In particular, what is called "Haplogroup X" by geneticists, has been found in ancient remains in every location in the world where the Cayce readings state Atlanteans fled at three different times (10,000 B.C., 28,000 B.C., and 50,000 B.C.). Amazingly, Haplogroup X—one of 42 major ancient mtDNA groups identified—has not been found in other locations of the world. In addition, another DNA type, called Haplogroup B, appears to be from what Cayce and others have termed the ancient continent of Mu—or Lemuria. We were the first to make this assertion, which has since been embraced by many others. For additional information, see Ancient America and Genetic DNA Research.

What was it and why do people keep talking about it? Everyone is looking for Utopia or heaven on earth - a place of home. 

When Atlantis was destroyed the races abandoned the islands during a time of climate change. known as the Younger Dryas 14,500 years ago. 

Or as Plato’s story of Atlantis goes Poseidon grew angry at the people for their lack of obedience to him. So Poseidon created a tsunami and destroyed the islands. 

Another Flood or cleansing story.

Those who could flee before the Tsunami did so in their ships to far off lands such as Egypt - Thoth/Djhuty. This is where the original Emerald tablets were hidden, Egypt. 

So what did Atlantis look like? What was it like to live there? 

From the accounts we have been able to gather it was a great civilization, they achieve technologies like that of Tesla and the way he created energy, the buildings were said to look as though they were built from gold and the scenery natural and pleasant. We have to remember 15000 years ago our planet was different, where there are deserts and great lakes now there were forests and oceans before. 

There were vast temples to the gods, specifically sea, ocean, river Gods as there were 10 different islands called Atlantis. Were they able together or were there vast distances between them? 

For those of my clients I have worked with for soul retrieval sessions each session we are in different areas. 

What we do understand from past life readings and soul retrieval is the theme of the islands was community, unity, learning and technology. 

It is a happily ever after for most beings on the planet a place we long for in our souls. What we can learn from this time is all of what was Atlantis we have the ability to recreate it. Yes it will be a different place, the warning is also to remember to take care, stay humble, be grateful. 

Or we can keep the feeling within our hearts and enjoy the feeling of happiness within our hearts. 

Next week we are going to talk about where Atlantic might be located through hint from geologists and archeologists! 

Have a wonderful week! keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE! 

Auriel Grace


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