Resolving Hauntings


Last week I drove from Clearwater, Florida to Madisonville, New Orleans, Louisiana. I like taking drives and seeing the countryside, driving through small towns along tree lined highways. 

While I was in Louisiana, I drove my friend to her doctor appointments in New Orleans at the Tulane Medical Center. i normally don['t like going into hospitals especially the emergency rooms. This hospital is a peaceful building. It is pleasant to walk through and get to the different clinics. 

The map above is the location of the hospital, diagonally across the street is a huge abandoned building that is haunted. When we walk across the bridge from the parking lot to the hospital you can see the b building, in fact you may feel compelled to look at the building. This building is very haunted. The haunting in this building affects the area on the map. In this area where there is health and hope being promoted there is density. In this area there is homeless people living under the I-10, robbery, drug addiction and more. When there are places like this haunted building, the haunting brings the resonance down in the area it resides. 

So why am I explaining this? While I was driving home it occurred to me that if there were people interested in clearing this building, I ask you to visualize this area with Light. The Light will infiltrate the dark over time and hopefully raise the resonance of this area. 

I have seen this happen before from clearing homes in neighborhoods. Once the hauntings were cleared, the vibe in the neighborhood changed, people started taking care of their homes, the atmosphere was friendlier. 

So will you help me with this project? If you do, take a few minutes everyday seeing the area above full of Light. Spirits are attracted to the light and they will se their opportunity to moe to the next place on their journey. 

You can also invoke the Archangel Michael, Archangel Uriel and Archangel Azreal to assist with clearing the building. Remember to say thank you! 

As I travel this summer I will be posting more blogs of places that are haunted and need Light. I hope you will join me then as well to help clear up some of these areas so there will be less density and more Light on our planet!

Thank you! Remember to keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE! 
Auriel Grace


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