What is influence? 

The capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.


There is a lot of crazy energy influencing us right now. As empathics or Intuitives we are probably seeing many outcomes. There are many outcomes and some of them are not clear. 


We are being influenced by the media and picking up on the energy outside of ourselves. What I mean is look what happened in Washington DC. There was a riot, loss of life, damage don etc. So there are people who feel as though they accomplished something – what I am not sure, sadness for loss of life and damage done to the Capital Building. That is a lot of different energy coming at us from the event that happened. 


The media is constantly bombarding us with this information which inflames this energy. We feel the energy again x100 and are overwhelmed with the craziness of it. 


I heard about it and immediately wrapped the area up in light and prayed for resolution to the conflict. 


Then I started to do research to see what did happen. To understand it.   Always do research, look for where the information came initially. You can find anything on Google. Google is a great tool, most of you can access Google from your phone. Instant information. 


Here is the thing – we are all intuitive and if we are paying attention to our intuition we will feel/know/see a shift in the energy. Knowing how our country has been, intuitively we expect or know there will be more disruptions.  


Yes there will be more disruptions. Be ready, if you are not paying attention. Double down on your filters so you are not affected so intensely. 


Do not be afraid – inform yourself, when you are informed the influence can no longer cause you fear. Instead it will calm you so you can look at the situation intuitively and rationally. 


My favorite post this week was from Iris – she posted a picture of Brian Sicknick asking for prayers for him and his family. Iris has a compassionate heart.


That is an example of how we are influenced by energy outside of ourselves. 


Here are some other influencers 


Commercials/ TV


Social Media





Friends, Family, 

Superheroes – my fav!


Look at how you live your life, is it your best life? Do you love your life? Look at your life through one lenz – your own, with out others influences and make your decision from you, your soul. Then look out through the influences, what do you see?


These are physical Influences, now we will talk about paranormal and spiritual influences. I have written about these in A Psychic’s Story Series books and on my blog so I will do a quick review with you. 


Hitch hikers or Spirit attachments


A Hitch hiker will influence you to do things you wouldn’t normally do.  

Daniel & Fran Haunted A Psychic’s Story  -

Link for Empathy blog

Have a wonderful week! Keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE! 

Auriel Grace 








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