Crystals & Resonance

I love working with crystals, gems and minerals.  I shared some information on the subject during a couple of Facebook Live events.  I have been working with crystals, gems and minerals for about 25 or so years, through curiosity and creating jewelry. I have learned how to combine different stones for optimum focus for different projects! That's what I call it. On this blog, there is information about the subject and in most cases the information covers the chemical make up and where some gem and minerals are found.  I am a student, still learning about crystals and their virtues. 

In these videos below we talk about crystals, gridding and resonance. If you have any questions about these video please let me know, you can put your questions in the comment section below. 

I want to note this - crystals, gems and minerals can be used as tools to assist you. I have never heard of a crystal gem or mineral that will heal you. They can provide certain resonances that can assist you on your journey.  

There were some questions about how big a crystal has to be to be effective, it doesn't matter what size it is as long as you resonate or like it. 

I have crystals, large and small, it depends on the project I am working on. Also, think about the jewelry you are wearing. Does it have stones in it? What kind of stones does it have? How do you feel when you wear it? 

Wearing jewelry is like wearing a grid on your body for optimum resonance for whatever your focus is for the day. 

As far as metals go, gold is for physical enhancement. Silver is of a spiritual nature. Copper assists with energy flow.  

Remember to keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE! 


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