Psychic Tip of the Day - Choice

Stay in your present and look to your future!

i know for many of you the past six months have been a roller coaster ride. The energy wave that has blown through isn't over yet. For those of you still holding on to past ways of being and you are standing on your hippie toe - don't you want to stand on both feet now? Are you done holding onto ideas that no longer serve you?


You are not helping yourself or anyone else by playing out the same scenario over and over again expecting different results. 

It's like saying well I have put all this energy into this idea, relationship, business, job etc. I am not giving up. Let it go. If it has not changed, let it go. You are only hurting yourself more by holding onto something that doesn't serve you. 

So how do you let it go? You break down why you are holding on so tight. 

Fear of the Unknown is the biggest reason why people don't change. 

They are so afraid of what they will change into if they let go. What if you let go and everything starts to turn around for you? Your life becomes lighter, brighter and you are open to receive some of those blessings that are wanting to activate but can't because you have blinders on and won't let go. 

What Other People Think - 

Who cares what other people think? Its your life. Rock your life! Your friends will change, new ones will come in and those who respect you, will stand by you. 

Loneliness - 

Stop being afraid of being alone. There are a billion + people on the planet. There are a bunch of people out there just waiting for you to enter their lives. 

Do you want to attract Love? This is how you do it, you develop interests besides feeling sorry for yourself. You start doing, even if it is by yourself, why? Because when you are honoring yourself, your soul by following your path, you reflect Love. You are loving yourself. When you love yourself, you GLOW. When you glow, you attract into your life Love. Glow! Stop making excuses and get out there and GLOW!

Being Alone - 

Being Alone is good for everyone. It gives us downtime, allows us to recharge, redirect and get clear. Allow yourself to be alone. Give yourself a break, look deep within to see where you are on your path. Choose your next steps. Be gentle and kind to yourself. 

Money - 

I can't do it, I don't have any money. Baloney! If you need money, make it, be creative, Create something to supplement your income. Don't rely on others to support you. Take the blinders off and look around your world and see where you can create. It might be right in from top you. 

Here is an example - 

I knew this gal who was ALWAYS broke. She had quite the collection of EVERYTHING in her house. One day she was fussing to me about paying her house payment. I told her to sell one of the three freezers she had that she wasn’t using to pay her house payment. She looked at me like I struck her in the face!

You know that gal sold her freezer and liked doing it so much she started her own business in her yard buying and selling household items and furniture. She doesn’t complain about money no more and her home is neat and clean. She sold the clutter out of her home. 

Let go of the idea of I can’t or I am unable.  The universe doesn’t understand these words, because the universe doesn’t understand the negative.  When you say “can’t”, the universe hears “can”.  When you say “unable” the universe only hears “able”.

The reason why the universe acts this way is because the universe doesn’t look at words. It looks at resonance.  When you resonate ability, it is not a “do or a do not” there is only the is-ness of the ability.  You are completely able to do this.  It is only by choice do you choose to not do it.

Let it go - whatever it is that you are holding onto so tight. Watch as your life changes and expands. You will be so grateful you did! 

Accountability Sessions

Do you need to make new habits? Do you need to remember to practice what we have spoke about through readings and soul retrieval?
Let's break down the issues and release them, free you to make decisions for your higher and better good! 
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