Angelic Message of the Day - Hope

Message from Archeia Hope

Happy New Year Beloveds!

This new 2014 is a year of quick decision making as most of you have decided what you want for yourselves! How exciting is that? We say wonderful! Continue creating your life, making your intentions and being grateful for what the Universe lines up for you! Remember sometimes you will have to take some steps you never thought you would have too, be courageous, be you! In order to get what you want you may have to clear karma, so be present! Being present in your life is very important! You don't want to miss out on any opportunities.

We want to remind you that being grateful is very important in your creation process as it assists your opening up to the wondrous possibilities that lay ahead for you!!

Remember to take that breath many times during the day to connect with your higher self, guides, angels, Your Source while you are making those decisions. Life is about living - are you living your life?

We also wish to say this for your benefit - take care of yourselves, listen to your inner guidance and follow through. There is much going on in your world right now. Governments are changing for the better. Remember some groups will go through the dark to get to the light. Be patient!

You live in the USA. This  country is very young and still ironing out wrinkles. Your Government right now will be ironing out big wrinkles. You still have a say in how it is run! If you have something to say - SAY IT! Complaining will get you no where!

Also be aware of the medical industry as most of this industry is corrupt at this time. Make wise choices with your health! Stop eating processed food! It is poison! 

Take care of you! Live to your highest potential! Love yourself that much!

We suggest you shine your light bright!

We bless you!
Archeia Hope, Divine Compliment of the ArchAngel Gabriel!  


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