Free Will

This is a free will planet. That 
means events can change 
momentously. Keep this in 
mind as you are creating your 
world. Events happen to bring 
like minded people together 
to create something 
wondrous and unexpected.

What does that mean? It means that you have the gift to make up your own mind and your own destiny. 

Through Society we have been taught that we must live our lives a certain way whether we like it or not. When we do not like what we 'have to do' this creates bitterness and frustration, we might even go postal. 

Look at your life, how can you make it better? 

Is the quality of your life beyond your wildest dreams? 

I know change is scary! I have done it a lot! i can tell you from experience when you are making that change for your betterment you will find that every situation you are in will lead you to your goal. You will see your life become easier as you rise above 'scary' and into joy!

So take a breath, breathe in deeply, clear your mind and ask yourself - 

What does my happily ever after look like? 

You are the only one who can make that decision. You are the only one who can make the choices that come with that 'happily ever after.' 

There may be several happily ever afters that you desire. You deserve a wondrous life, it is what you came here to accomplish!  Start with the one dream or desire you really love that you are most passionate about and start getting your ducks in a row! 

in my life I have had many 'happily ever afters'! I have achieved the goals I intended to achieve. I am still working on lifetime goals, I am focused and open to my guides and angels for information and guidance. Remember your guides and angels are here to assist you so allow the assistance. When you receive information from your guides and angels you will feel good and uplifted while making decisions.

 As you move through this process and you let all those thoughts, worries and even people go say to yourself - I intend the quality of my life is beyond my wildest dreams!

Watch as your life becomes wondrous and joyous!

How do you get to know your Guides and Angels? If you are a local person in Naperville Il or the surrounding area come to our channeling classes through A Gang of Girls Metaphysical School. We have Beginning Channeling on Thursdays and Saturdays - A Gang of Girls Calendar

Auriel Grace


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