Psychic Tip of the Day - Channeling

I started channeling the Archeia 10 Years ago. The Archeia are the Divine Compliments of the Arch Angels. I channeled Archeia Hope first. I got to know Hope and about the resonance of Hope.  Now I channel, Hope (Gabriel), Faith (Michael), Grace (Uriel),Charity(Jophiel) and Lord Melchizedek. The Archeia’s Messages are uplifting and Joyous, when they speak they are also raising the audiences resonance and sending out healing energy.

During my first years of channeling, I went through a huge clearing of my emotional, mental, spiritual and physical bodies.  

There will be several times during these meditations that you can receive messages/ guidance for yourself. Your Higher Self and your other guides and angels will be able to speak to you on a personal level while practicing these meditations.

I have made agreements with the Archeia – Here is a list of them – 1.)   They cannot answer a question that will embarrass anyone. They are to refer that person for a private reading or soul retrieval.

2.)   They are not to answer anyone who asks about conspiracy theories or anything that will cause fear.

3.)   If anyone becomes agitated during a group or private session they are to leave my body immediately so we can leave.

4.)   They do not drive.

Contacting the Higher Self –  with these Meditations

Soul Name –You may hear your Soul Name. You will see yourself differently and it will give you insight of where you have been, what you have done and what you wanted to do in this lifetime.

Knowing yourself better – Who are you and what do you want?

Contracts for this lifetime – You will be able to better see what agreements you made in this lifetime and the Karmic Lessons you want to balance out in this lifetime. Knowing about these lessons eases our lifetime here and makes us less harsh on ourselves and those that we interact with. It is the gift of Grace. How wondrous is that?

Books to read – Mastery of Love, the four Agreements, Celestine Prophecy and the Tenth Insight. These books help give guidance about being your authentic self.

Here is a meditation to assist you with connecting to your guides and angels to receive messages for your highest and greatest good. This is the Automatic Writing Meditation - 


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