Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Psychic Tip of the Day - Guardian Angels

The veils between worlds are thin until the first week of November. Now is the time to start practicing connecting to your spirit guides and angels.

Today we are going to be connecting to our Guardian Angel(s).

You can have more than one Guardian Angel. Arch Angel Michael and Archeia Faith oversee the guardians. Yes Guardians can appear to be female, male, animal, they can take on many forms. They are our guard, guides and protectors. Our guardians send us signs and symbols and talk to us about what is for our highest good and what isn't for our highest good. They can warn us during situations when we REALLY need to be present.

My Guardian Angel is Lord Damiel, he is a big warrior Guardian Angel. He growls when I need to pay attention. When I really need to pay attention I hear steel slamming down. That is the sound of his wings protecting me. Lord Damiel is a great protector, he is also a great advisor.

So how do you know this, Auriel?

I practiced connecting with my angels. I am a curious person and so I am always asking, why, who & how. You should too!

When do we need protection?

  • When we feel vulnerable.
  • When someone tries to hook into us energetically to drain our energy.
  • When we put ourselves in a situation that is not for our highest good.
  • When we enter a haunted property or are working with a haunted person or object.
  • When it is time to travel.

There are more reasons for invoking your Guardian Angel, these are examples.  

Practice inviting and invoking your Guardian Angel into your energy field - 

I invite and invoke my guardian angel into my energy field to guide guard and protect me during my day. I invite you to assist me in hearing or seeing your way of guiding me through my day! For the highest and greatest good of my self and all beings everywhere!

Here is a short meditation to help you develop your relationship with your Guardian Angel. 

Keep your heart opened and aligned with the energy of Love!

Auriel Grace
A Gang of Girls Radio

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