Friday, June 7, 2013

Cosmic Tip of the Day - Beauty & Grace

Recently I have been having 'a changing of the guards'.

I was not pleased when I found out there was a Cosmic Being Venus who wanted to speak through me. I am not a 'lovey dovey' 'ooey gooey' romantic kinda girl. That is what I thought of Venus when she started knocking on my channeling door. I ignored her for a while, She is very persistent. I opened the door a little and found her to be very tolerable, in fact I like Her.

Cosmic Being Venus is not like the Greek Goddess Aphrodite. She is a Cosmic Being and doesn't care about 'lovey dovey', 'ooey gooey'. She says those are human traits. She is not human and She has never been human. Her message is about the vibration of  Love, Admiration and Beauty. She speaks about these vibrations as being at the core of creation. She reminds you - 

Beauty is as Beauty does!

She asks - 'Do you admire the beauty within you?' 

This is the best place to start to understand beauty. 

Remember Beauty doesn't just come from fancy hair and make up. It is your essence that lights you up and makes you beautiful. 

Can you feel your essence? 

I am more comfortable with the idea of channeling Cosmic Being Venus, She is very much straight forward and to the point. I respect that in my fellow human beings and Cosmic Others.  

For this Summer Solstice Multi Channeling Event Cosmic Being Venus will guide you through a meditation to assist you with bringing or activating the vibration of Grace within your being. When you activate the vibration of Grace within your being you start to understand how beauty, love and admiration can work for you in all moments of your life. 

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