Thinning of the Veils - Ancestors

Who are our ancestors? They are family members who have passed through the veils. Some of our ancestors help us on our journey. They give guidance and comfort. 

Some of us have ancestors - grandparents, aunties, uncles, siblings etc who have passed on and perhaps had attitude issues. 

Some of you have asked me if your ancestor line is cursed. 

First you or your family can only be cursed if you believe it. Sometimes what happens is there is a rumor of being cursed and family members, believe it and spread that poison through the ancestor lines.  

This belief can become truth if enforced by family members. 

How can you change this? You can break the chain of the curse by not believing it. Not blaming your failures on the curse. Take responsibility for your own actions. 

For those of us who have a family past and present who have bad attitudes - For example my grandparents. I was raised by my Mom, grandmother and great gran. Yep! My great gran and gran were not the most optimistic people on the planet. I realized as I grew into adulthood they were miserable, limited and angry. 

My Mom decided to break the chain by moving away from them and limiting contact to phone calls and visits.  I realized I was a very angry person with a bad temper and decided to change that as I didn’t have anything to be angry about. Still when pushed, my bad temper will make an appearance and I have to reined it in. Where did I learn to be angry? My grandmothers.

Changing your attitude is really important. Realizing you are carrying the burdens of your ancestors is important. We are not our ancestors, we are ourselves, individuals. 

Be presence

Forgive yourself and your ancestors

Release the ideas taught to you as a child. 

Clearing and maintaining your energy field is a good way of removing the ‘curse energy’ from you. The other way is to have an energy cord cutting ceremony. 

Maintaining your energy field - using clearing meditations, if you are an energy worker - use what you were taught to assist yourself. 

Ancestral Clearing Meditation 

One way of keep track of how well this meditation/ using clearing processes helps you is keep a journal, writing the changes about yourself as you move through your clearing process. 

Write down what you are grateful for and reflect on this, add to it as you reflect daily on your gratitude list. 

Let me know how you are doing! 

Have a wonderful week & keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE! 

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