Narmada River, India

The Narmada river is a place of pilgrimage. The river washes away sins and purifies the soul. The spiritual journey taken is 3 years, 3 months an 13 days, walking from the Arabian Seas at Bharuch in Gujarat to the source in the Maikai Mountains (Amarkantak hills) in Madhya Pradesh and back along the opposite bank of the river. It is a 1600 mile walk. Pilgrimages take place under strict rules of humility, celibacy, poverty and respect for the environment. 

The Narmada River is more than 620 miles long and one of the oldest rivers 150 million years. Narmada mean ‘giver of pleasure’ in Sanskrit. The river is considered the mother and giver of peace. The mere sight of the Narmada cleanses the soul.

The Narmada River rises in the town of Amarkantak, a place where pilgrims pass as they follow the river. It is also a natural heritage area where the Vindhya and Satpuri Ranges meet. 

The holy temple Shri Yantra Mandir was built in Amarkanak it is the birthplace of the Narmada River.  Amarkanatk is hole to three rivers. Part of the ancient mythical kingdom of Kalinga, it houses three worlds, the celestial (Gods & Goddesses) , the asuras (Demons), saints and sages who achieve spiritual power. Anyone who dies in Amarkanak immediately goes to heaven.  The town is at least 6,000 years old (Picture)

Narmada is Shivas daughter created by his sweat when he was sitting in meditation.  The sweat rolled into a tank, as the tank overflowed the sweat became the river Narmada.

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Crystal - Shiva Lingam 

Shiva Lingam is considered a sacred stone that originates from only one place in the world: the Narmada River in India. Annually, during the dry season, this stone is harvested from the rivers' banks and hand-polished into a distinctive and traditional egg-shape.

All the stones are from the river bed high in the Maridhata Mountains. Microcrystalline Quartz, Agate and basalt, they are naturally tumbles in the river. Most of the dual colored Lingams sold in the modern crystal shops are artificially shaped sandstones. 

Parvati, Shiva’s wife, fashioned the first lingam from a handful of sand to worship the Lord Shiva. The sand represents primal element of Earth and the lingam shape the primeval power of the male god., the texture is the wise feminine goddess energy. A lingam symbolizes the wisdom of the gods brought to Earth. 

‘A Lingam is the cosmic egg from which all creation emerges and to which it will return as all things pass away.’ As Shiva is the creator so he is the destroyer and a Cosmic Being.  

The Lingam can assist with protection for the home as the Shiva Stone as he is a great protective force. 

The lingam can also be used to assist with healing your chakras and assisting with achieving kundalini energy through meditation.  if you have the book check out pg 147 for the Shiva Meditation try it out and let us know what you think!

It is a love and fertility stone. 

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