Psychic Tip of the Day - Paranormal Investigation

 Last weekend, I went on a paranormal investigation at the Russ House in Marianna Florida. This is a wonderful house to investigate. Each time I have gone up I have different experience. I am going to leave the blog link in the newsletter so you can read about the Russ House. I like investigating at historical locations. History and historical places are one of my hobbies and when evidence is collected, from a paranormal investigation that backs up what we know as history it is so rewarding. 

The Russ House was built in 1895 by Joseph W. Russ, Jr. The home was owned and occupied by five generations of the family for 100 years. All money made by the paranormal investigations goes to the restoration of the Russ House. This property is on the National Register of Historic Places. You can go to visit the house during the daytime hours. 

The energy in the house has changed, as we evolve so do haunted places. I have gone back to other haunted places and each time visiting is always different in some way. Never disappointing and always interesting. 
I do want to remind you that a paranormal investigator is someone who is investigating a haunting. A Paranormal investigator collects data and reviews it, to give analysis of what they found. Tracy and Susan Todd are great investigators, they are great at teaching people that join them about what equipment they use and how to use it for great results. You can check Them out at Emerald Coast Paranormal Concepts , there is great video evidence on their website. 
Remember if you are going on a paranormal investigation, do not wear perfume or cologne, some spirits make themselves known by a smell, flowers, cigar smoke, food. You don’t want to miss out on an experience by wearing fragrance. No jangly jewelry, this is another way you might have an experience is through sound. If your jewelry is jangly, you might miss those footsteps or whispers. Step into your disco ball and invoke the archangel Michael and Archeia Faith to walk with you throughout the investigation to guide, guard and protect you. These are handy tips to help you have the best experience. 

When entering a haunted location, make sure to take the time to be quiet, listen to the house, allow it to tell you its secrets. Take time to center yourself to gather information. Bring something to write with. You are a detective while going through the house searching for clues about the inhabitants and the history of the location. Write down whatever comes to you as you explore, the information you receive might be the what helps us understand about the location you are investigating. 
Look around your area and see if there are public investigations going on and see what you can discover! Let me know how it turns out! 

Remember to have fun! 
Keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE!


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