Energy Wave - Aggression


What is an energy wave? It is a universal flood of information. 

This energy wave is about Aggression - and how to use it to benefit you.  Keep your cool, take a breath and don’t get aggravated with yourself or others, tap into your intuition, your spirit guides and angels for their support and guidance - link to automatic writing meditation - Your relationship with your spirit guides and angels is the most important relationship you have to help you navigate through your life. 

By following your intuition and creating a plan or strategy you will get through this energy wave and before you know it you will be flying through the next wave. Remember you want your relationships and business dealings to be an equal exchange of energy and more. This is the time to start looking at these relationships, you might have to weed through friendships, lovers, and business dealings to help yourself maintain your energy. 

Remember communication is key to all relationships, practice communicating with your people. Those who are open to communication are those you can consider keeping in your friendship, relationship, family circle. 

For those of you who have blockages with your parents - try my ancestral meditation to assist with clearing your family line and receiving the burdens you carry from your line. You may have to practice this meditation once every two weeks until you feel the shift in yourself and your parent(s). 

As I have said before, this is a time of change, change through how we have structured our physical realm. Now we live is different from 50 years ago. It is time for us to decide truly how we want our environment to be and what part we want to take to make the change. 

Auriel Grace 


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