Rays of Light Pt 4 - Show notes

While we were doing this series, there were a few of you who asked me to explain the Universal Great White Brotherhood - here it is - 
The Universal Great white Brotherhood is a heavenly association of saints and sages from all paths and religions. Also included in this brotherhood are angels and cosmic beings. The saints, teachers and holy ones who once walked among us and now serve through this body are called ascended masters. 

Remember Ascended Masters are those being who have taken human form and lived human lives in order to obtain the masterhood. Like I have said before, Earth is our school house. This is the place we learn lessons of the soul so we also can obtain masterhood. 

Let's continue our journey as we learn about the rest of the 13 Rays of light - 

Master Vosloo is Cohan of the 9th Ray. I am Joy Health Wealth Abundance & Prosperity Colors – Gold & White

Those who will connect with Master Vosloo will receive the abundance of Joy that radiates from the Angels of Atlantis that serve from the higher source.

Master Vosloo is asking for all those that work with him to expand their consciousness from their heart and mind to illuminate and radiate like the sun outwards filling the whole being with golden light and working with the Mahatma Energy from Atlantis that has been bought back to us now.

In your daily meditations ask for wealth, health and abundance through the Mahatma energy. Ask Master Vosloo to install the gold flame for harmony for the divine spirit within.



10th Ray of light Lord Guatama Buddha I am meditation, contemplation prayer & peace Red & Orange

Guatama Buddha – Siddartha Gautama – Awakened One /Enlightened One

Buddha learned a way to relieve universal suffering, through living an ascetic life, studying and meditating using the words of various religious teachers as guides. 

During this time he realized he did not have to suffer to reach enlightenment. 

After meditating under the Bodhi Tree and being attacked by be a demon named Mara who challenged Siddartha’s right to become buddha, Siddhartha touched his hand to the earth and asked the Earth to bear witness to his enlightenment, banishing Mara. 


After that Siddartha saw all that occurred in the universe and saw the answer to his questions of suffering. In that moment of pure enlightenment, Siddartha Guatama became the Buddha. 


The Buddha teaches us how to walk the ‘middle way’ - The expression “middle way” refers to the Buddhist understanding of practical life, avoiding the extremes of self-denial and self-indulgence, as well as the view of reality that avoids the extreme positions of eternalism and annihilationism.


Seven factors of Awakening – Mindfulness, Investigation, Energy, Joy, Relaxation/Tranquility, Concentration, Equanimity 

You can find the best reference for Siddartha, his biography on Amazon


11 Ray of Light – Master Rakaczi/ Saint Germain 

I am mysticism, energy clarity & sacred knowledge Colors – Forest green, emerald green and gold 

The prince Rakoczi concerned with ordered service or ceremonial magic. He is involved with the ceremonial aspect of religion and magic, especially the ancient mysteries. He is an alchemist and uses sacred geometry to assist with raising resonance on Planet Earth

He is also occupied with the volatile political situation in Europe and North America and speaks many languages.


Violet Flame works on a psychological level transmuting our fears, threats, negative energies, thoughts and even transmutes the psychic debris. ... The clogged karma or negative energy creates discomfort and acts as a barrier to the free flow of the cosmic energies into our physical as well as elemental bodies


Reportedlty, Rakoczi has had numerous incarnations. He was, successively, Saint Alban (third century C.E.), Proclus (a Neoplatonic philosopher, 410-85 C.E.), Roger Bacon (1220-92), Christian Rosencrutz (1378-1484), Hunyadi Janos (1387-1456), Robertus the monk (sixteenth century), and Francis Bacon (1561-1626). In his last incarnation he was a Hungarian prince, the last surviving member of the Hungarian Rokoczi family, and known throughout Europe as the Comte de Saint Germain. He still inhabits that body



Quan Yin 12th ray of light – I am empowering my male and female bodies, helping with fertility, connect to sexuality – Colors Soft pink & red 

Quan Yin is a Bodhisattva (a Being of Enlightenment), the Goddess of Compassion and Mercy, and one of the Lords of Karma. She is Chohan of the Pearlescent White Ray, and a member of the karmic board. As well as Directing the Pearl Ray, Quan Yin also works with the 8th Ray and with developing the 8th chakra (also associated with the pearl) and opening and activating those centres above that. She embodies the qualities of compassionate and loving kindness is also a powerful Master of healing. She heads the Temple of Mercy which is situated in the ethers over the foothills of the mountains north of Beijing, China, which is also the retreat of her and her twin flame, Lao-Tsu. This temple is said to have a central pagoda with a golden dome, rising above 12 surrounding pagodas, each of which focuses the Yin and Yang qualities of the 12 Solar Hierarchs. Within each of the 12 temples one can hear the "music of the spheres" which encapsulates these energies, and hanging over each doorway within each temple are pieces of crystal mounted in a precious metal that chimes each temple's note as the winds blow through them.


Quan Yin is the Divine Feminine aspect within Buddhism, equivalent to Mother Mary, Isis and Shakti in other world belief systems. Her full name means “She who listens to the cries of the World” and she has vowed to remain in the earthly realms until all other living souls have completed their own enlightenment. In many images


She is depicted carrying the Pearls of Illumination and longevity, which were created by Lao Tsu and are connected to her role as Chohan of the Pearl Ray. She is often shown pouring a stream of healing "Waters of Life," from a small vase (she refers to this as "The Flask of Immortality"). With this water all living things are blessed with physical and spiritual peace. She may also hold a sheaf of ripe rice or a bowl of rice seed as a metaphor for fertility and sustenance. Some also see her riding a dragon, both an ancient symbol for high spirituality, wisdom, strength, and divine powers of transformation. Her symbol is a lotus flower, and her electronic signature a 5-petalled lotus.

Mantra - Om Mani Padme Hum - use a mala, say this mantra 144 times while meditating. It will help you focus and connect to the energy of Quan Yin. 



I am Commander Ashtar 13th Ray I am universal love, teachings of brothers and sisters of the stars and integration of their knowledge. Colors – Silver, Turquoise & pink


About Commander Ashtar: “Ashtar, also known as Commander Ashtar is a multidimensional being who promotes truth, peace and harmony between the planets. He is said to be an extraterrestrial but appears in human form so that the can communicate at heart level with all those on Earth who call on him. He is part of the Great White Brotherhood, a congregation of light beings who work to bring healing to the world, and is a wonderful guide to those who are feeling the call to bring positivity, healing and inspiration to those around them. He lifts up the heart of leaders and inspires them to walk their path with complete integrity.”



My experience - Many of you have asked what can I do to help our government? Here is a visualization you can use for the benefit our our government making decision for our highest and greatest good. I am going to use Washington D.C. as an example. You can also use this visualization with other governing buildings or areas. If you can get a group together and do this it will strengthen the energy.

Visualize a golden dome over Washington D.C. within the structure of the dome are then energies of Love, integrity, positivity, inspiration, wisdom, honesty.  

Maintain the dome as you see fit. When the dome over Washington D.C. comes to mind for me, I strengthen it. 

You never know what can happen. With determination we can make changes without doing damage to people or the Earth. 

Here is A Gang of Girls Radio - Rays of Light Pt 4, enjoy!

Have a wonderful week! Keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of love!









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