Wrapping Up Love Month

This month during A Gang of Girls Radio, I devoted our time to talking about mythology and the different Gods and Goddesses of Love.  Why? Sometimes we need a different perspective. We have the need to see the repetition of stories, especially love stories. Different kinds of love and how love grows. 

Remember your first love and how euphoric you were? Young and inexperienced yet curious enough to see what comes next? Aphrodite fits that energy so well! She is a flirt, beautiful and fun! Young love is fun. If you are still wrestling with heartache from your youth, perhaps it's time to look closely at it and let go of the unrequited feeling and remember the love feeling. 

Unrequited love is the worst feeling you can carry with you during your life. When you hold that feeling close to you, you are not present nor are you enjoying your life fully. Let it go, it is a heavy burden to carry. 

Handy tip - Connect to your heart chakra, breathe light into it. As you light up the heart chakra, you are pushing out the hurt. Bringing yourself back to center and love. 

If you are still dating and feel like you keep picking the same kind of person, watch for signs and don't be afraid to walk away.  You don't need a fix it project.  Love yourself enough to walk away. My great grandmother gave me the best advice - bring taxi money when you go on your first date. 

Families, I feel are the hardest of all love. Setting boundaries with family members often times is the best way to handle some situations.  It's all about unconditional love and discovering who you are with and without your family. 

I noticed that many of our children growing up have that entitlement vibe going on, perhaps we do need to discipline and teach our children manners. It is not good for us to hand over everything our children want and desire, then they don't have the drive to go do it themselves. 

For our families sometimes we have to be fierce, fierce love can have the best kind of results. 

Be love, be fierce, be awesome! 


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