Love, Soul Mates & Soul Groups

What is a soul group?
How can you tell if you have met a soul mate? 
Are all soul mates our happily ever afters?

These are questions I answer all the time. 

Here is my take on it all from asking my spirit guides and angels - 

When you meet a soulmate, you will feel some sort of recognition, you may feel extremely happy or euphoric. For those soul mates who have been petty tyrants   to you in other life times you may feel like you have to turn around and run for your life.  

Not all soulmates are lovers. Not all soulmates are for your higher good. Remember all beings are here to learn something about themselves. You cannot 'fix, heal or make it better'. Remember to do your best. If things don's work out, move on. 

Our soul group are the people who love and support us in our efforts. They help us out or are the shoulder to cry on. They are the ones we also support and love unconditionally. 

When you quiet your mind and connect, you will see your soul group. Sometimes those people are with us for our lifetime, some times only for a while. It's okay, we all have our focus for each lifetime. You will not disconnect on a soul level. When you think of those who are not in your life wrap them up in a love bubble, even if you don't like them. It strengthens the bond. 

There are some soulmates who do come into your life who end up being your spouse, your lover, this is a blessing, remember to be thankful for a good life. 

Here is something everyone needs to know  - Men know when they have met their spouse or girlfriend. It is an internal instinct/ intuition. Ask any man and he will tell you he knew if not when he met the woman or very soon after. 

If a man tells you he isn't sticking around, he isn't, you aren't it. So enjoy the relationship while it lasts. Then be okay to move on. 

Our soulmates sometimes teach us our hardest lessons.

As I have walked this earth, in this lifetime I have met many soulmates. For example, Theo is my brother, I love him. We come from very different families. We still consider ourselves siblings. I have many sisters from all over, I love them, they are my family, my soul group.

I have met two soul mates as lovers in this lifetime. I won't say it was always flowers and hearts with them, but there were moments of euphoria. 

When you meet someone that feels familiar and you can feel the connection. Take a breath and follow the connection, celebrate it, love it. 

Be Love, be You!


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