Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cosmic Message of the Day - Lady Nada

We are Ascended Master Lady Nada, we write this letter today to assist you with releasing and balancing karma through your ancestral lineage. There are those of you have have thought patterns concerning your families, perhaps you think there are curses or some sort of dark energy that does not allow you to move forward. Perhaps even you feel as though you are burdened or guilty or even that you came into this life feeling sad and mournful and you do not know why.  You call this 'feeling' or 'knowing' baggage.

We are going to write an exercise for you to practice, so take a deep breath, clear your mind.

  • Imagine a beautiful box you would put a present in. 
  • Open the box and place within it all of your feelings that weigh upon you. Fill it up.
  • You may see the box expand with all that you place into the box. 
  • When you are through placing your 'baggage' in the box, see it even more beautiful than it was before you started.
  • Hand the Box back to your mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, aunt or uncle etc. Tell them to place all of their baggage in the box and continue to hand the box back to your ancestors. 
  • Tell them to continue the process tracing your lineage back to the beginning, when that soul has the box they will throw it out to the Universe to be absorbed and the energy in the box will be remade into energy that is useful. 
  • In doing this you break up old patterns and karmic dept through out your ancestral lineage. You are balancing out for your entire family. 

This process will take time after you have started it. You may feel a sense of relief during the next week as your family clears. When you feel this, it means the box has reached the Universe. 

Do this process every week. You will find you are more at ease and find yourself smiling more than normal and this is wondrous!

It is our goal to assist you with clearing out your Karmic Debt and assist you with living your life with ease and grace. Our reminder to you is to see your brethren here on Earth as your 'soul mates' or equals. As it is with us, we see all celestial beings as being equally important in all manners and ways of being.

Allow us to guide you through your processes to assist you with bringing you closer to the Light and relieving you of your burdens or 'baggage'. It is through your allowing the healing, we are able to assist you with healing yourselves.
Ascended Master Lady Nada

Auriel Grace

A Gang of Girls

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