Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Are you a Good Queen or King?

I teach an Archetype Class at A Gang of Girls Metaphysical School. The Queen and The King are popular Archetypes for everyone whether you are a parent or CEO or the president of the USA.

We use these archetypes during Soul Retrieval to assist people with accomplishing their goals and understanding the proper use of wisdom, compassion, elegance, grace, responsibility, understanding, and recognising the specialness of everyone in their kingdom.

What is a good King or Queen? 

Queen  & King-  a hereditary sovereign. A sole and absolute ruler of a state or nation. A person or thing that holds a dominant position.

They have learned to be gracious, wise, a great lawyer, politician and diplomat. The Queen and King understands  responsibility to their people and do their best to serve and lead them. They understand growth and nurturing. The King and queen fully understand the equal exchange of energy & to discern what is the highest good for their kingdom.

The Queen & King assists with leadership and the responsibility that goes with leadership. They are the ones who roll their sleeves up and jump in with any work that needs to be done to acheive goals for their Kingdom.

Are you a good Queen or King? 

Auriel Grace

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