Monday, April 5, 2010

Psychic Tip of the Day - Changing Your World

There is a lot of change going on in the world right now.  There many people wondering about their jobs, will they keep them or will they also be one of the many who will have to make a change?
In this time there are many industries that are going through growing pains. These growing pains are caused by the masses (You and Me) who are expecting more out of our products and more for the environment. More of us are aware that there are better ways cars can operate, for example. I applaud those car manufacturers who are working on creating cars that run better and are cleaner. The companies who are supporting recycling, giving back to the community and those who are looking at alternate ways of power and heating their businesses, I salute you! Good for them and us too!
Yes there have been layoffs, this is the question I have for people who have been laid off and are still looking for the same job, why are you looking for something that may not exist soon? Why aren’t you educating yourself for a different career? This question is for everyone, start thinking out of the box and try something else. Perhaps you are meant to do something else in this time.
I have done many readings lately about this very subject, the questions always are – When will I start working again and when will my finances get better?
People are thinking we are in a recession, we aren’t.  In this time we are going through some growing pains and redefining how we want our world. When we voted for a new president we voted for Hope and a different way of being, not just for President Obama.
We as a country have asked for change, here it is, now what are you going to do about it? This is your opportunity to create your life as you have always wanted. Many complain about the government, how it is not serving the people. If you are so passionate about take responsibility and become a leader for change. Be the powerful person you are! When you complain you give your power away. When you create and resolve issues you claim your power and move with it.
If you are in debt cut up those credit cards that are keeping you in debt, get into a program to help you with your debt. Empower yourself!
Clear out your homes of all those things that do not serve you, yard sales, Craig’s List, Ebay and Amazon can help you with that.  As you remove all the belongings and thoughts that do not serve you, you will see that new belongings and thoughts will fill your life, it will be a new way of being. Empowering yourself!
How do you want your personal world? What can you change in your world to make it more of what you would like?  Remember you are the creator of your world.  So create it.
If you are a negative thinker and are exhausting yourself with your thoughts, start writing all of your negative thoughts down. In a couple of weeks take a look at what you have written down, start changing your mind. Yes it will take a while for you to do this but if you are determined the sky is the limit.
Start with small ideas and changes in your world, for example, when you wake up in the morning and put your feet on the floor say – I am so very thankful for all the wondrous ideas I will have today! Let your day unfold like that and if you feel yourself spiraling out or starting to become negative, say it again and watch as your world shifts into something you like and want.
Your thoughts, words and actions are powerful, so powerful they can change your life, so why not think about what you want and only that? As you do this you will see a positive change in your household your friends and relatives.
You don’t need to change the outside world to feel complete, it is the inside that we need to change and heal. As our insides feel good so does the outside world and how we relate to it.  
You deserve a life that is wondrous, loving, beautiful, magical and positive and only you can do this for yourself.

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