Sunday, September 17, 2017

Hurricane Irma, Faith and Communication

Hurricane Irma blew through Florida last week. She made a lasting impression on many Floridians. I do not say this lightly.  There is great loss and devastation here. The power companies have been working very hard to get power back on, the grocery stores and gas stations are still being refilled. Our lives go on. 

For those of you who can take a stroll through and use key words to find those people who need your donations. There are quite a few who were flooded out. 

I have to say this for the city governments here, everyone pulled together to keep the people safe and out of harms way. They were organized and firm about those who had to evacuate and go to the shelters. Our government prepared for the worst. Now there is a lot of clean up going on everywhere. 

As I was looking for a gas station to fill up so we could evacuate, I kept hearing - 

'Irma blows up the middle, you are safe.'

I went home to check the news. The weatherman was forecasting Irma to blow up the west coast of Florida.  I focused on the map to 'see' which way the wind would blow. I 'saw' Irma blowing up through the middle of Florida and dispersing. 

That was the second I decided we would be safe. 

Here we are safe. Although I was uncomfortable with my decision at first, we stayed updated with the news and watched as Irma hit Naples, Florida and thats when Irma moved inland.  

Hurricane winds here in Clearwater hit our home so hard it set off the fire alarm in our apartments. It was so loud we ended up on the balcony to give our ears a rest. Yep the wind was hitting hard around us. It was an awesome sight to watch the wind and rain as it blew by. 

Its been about a week now and as I said the grocery stores and gas stations are getting caught up. The power is coming on, clean up crews are working to clear roadways. 

                                                    Indian Rocks Beach Sunset 9/16

During this time I received many messages, text and emails. I am still getting caught up so please be patient with me. 

In many of those messages many of you asked me about connecting to your spirit guides and angels - 

Here is the link for A Psychic Story Series -

The next Psychic Story Book will be released 11/6/17 I am Psychic, Not Telepathic

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Besides this blog we are always working to assist you on your path, for your higher and better good!

Keep moving forward and keep your hearts opened and aligned with the energy of Love!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Aligning the Heart

Why is it important to release unrequited love, heartache and heart break and forgive?

It is important to release these hurts and burdens so you can open yourself to accept the energy of love of all kinds.

Soul Retrieval for the Heart is a way to forgive the self and others, release that binding energy so you can learn to love yourself above all else. 

When your heart is healthy, you start to understand the equal exchange of energy and you stop being in fear on many levels. The energy is the absence of Fear. 

You will be more compassionate and understanding. Setting boundaries will be easier as you will love yourself enough to stay free of anyone or thing that binds you. 

Forgiveness will set you free to love yourself and others with out fear. 

How many times will you have to repeat the sessions? As many times as it takes to get you to a place of peace with yourself. 

So many people are pleasers, you want to make sure every one is happy, while you remain unhappy and unfulfilled.  Soul Retrieval for the heart will assist you with being discerning and putting your happiness above others. Yes there may be people who you will loose along the way of your healing. There will be others who come in who are now resonating at the same frequency as you. These relationships will be more fulfilling on many levels for you and the quality of your life will change as you do. 

Clearing the Heart can assist you with being present and looking to your future!

During Heart Soul Retrieval We will Release:

  • Unrequited Love -love sent out/given & not returned
  • Heartache & Heartbreak - breakups, death, addictions can all cause us heartache and it can break our hearts.
  • We will clear this energy from your present and past lives.

This release can assist you with caring and loving yourself so you attract true love into your life.

It will help you maintain your energy and you will feel you do not react to mean people or bullies.

​You instead have compassion and understanding for those people and choose to set up healthy boundaries for yourself.

You forgive and move on freeing yourself up for what you deserve.
Forgiveness will set you free!

Auriel Grace
A Gang of Girls Radio

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Eclipses, Retrogrades & Slowing Down

Mercury is in retrograde with eclipses going on! WoW! Everything has slowed down, for those of you looking for jobs, any type of planning, please be patient. The retrograde lasts until the first week of September. 

With this astrological combination, you can use to your advantage - 

What do you need to gain clarity on? What is not working out in your life? What do you need to tweak to remove the blocks in your life?

How many pots do you have going on the stove? Do you need all those pots? 

Consider downsizing, really taking a look at what is serving you and what is not. Start letting go of what is not paying off emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally.

When you give up what doesn't serve you, you are able to make room for what does serve you. 

If your mind keeps spinning out thoughts and your heart is heavy it can be very disheartening. When I get like that, I start to break down what is really bothering me. When I get to that place of seeing the core of the issue, this is what i say and feel - 

I start pushing that idea, person, event energy out of my auric field. I fill my auric field with light.  Overtime that issue comes up, I repeat. 

When there is too much stagnant energy around you, you tend to stay stagnant. moving the energy around and out is a great way to make room for more of what serves you. You will then enable yourself to focus on bringing in that positive, wonderful energy you are desiring. 

During this time do not internalize other peoples energy, moods, emotions. Consider visualizing yourself in a very thick blanket of white light. That way other peoples goo & cooties don't stick to you and you are not internalizing or burdening yourself with other peoples baggage. Its not yours, don't take it on. If you want to help give a solution. If that doesn't work wait until the person is ready to hear a solution. 

This will keep you buoyant and more able to help yourself. 

Stay focused on your goals this month and clarify your ideas and projects. This will help you move forward in a big way! 

Listen to A Gang of Girls Radio - Heart, Mind & Soul Alignment Show

If you need more assistance, let me know! I have brough back $50 Fridays for the next two weeks to help you with your clarity! 

You can do this! I know you can!

Auriel Grace
A Gang of Girls Radio

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Monster Spray

Monster Spray

Make sure the monster spray has rose oil, kosher salt, spring water, if you can get blessed water to put it in the spray bottle too. I also add lavender oil, helps little people sleep. 

Rose Oil or the smell of Roses is a high vibrational energy. It raises the resonance of the room of property.

Kosher Salt clears energy. It absorbs anger, frustration and negative energy.

Spring water or blessed water is pure and clear. You can pray with the water asking Mother Mary to bless the water.

Lavender oil assist with relaxation, for better, deeper sleep. 

When your child doesn’t want to go to bed for fear, spray the room. Put a smaller spray bottle in the room for them to use when they are afraid.

Teaching them to say to bothersome spirits.

I am a child of God – Be gone!

This assists the child with claiming their space, and gives them confidence they are protected.  Kids love participating with taking care of our homes.

Being intuitive is the most natural way to be for everybody. The Creator(s) gave us these abilities to assist us with our lives! You too are intuitive, be present pay attention and allow your gifts to flow.

Keep your Heart open and aligned with the energy of Love!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Psychic Tip of the Day - Heart, Mind and Soul

It's July, my favorite month of the year! I love this month because we celebrate our independence, our  country and its history!

I also love this month because I always run my July Special for Intuitive Readings! It is always nice to reconnect and make new connections during this time of year. I love it!

Many people at this time are on the move, changing jobs, changing homes, changing partners, new beginnings! 

Some of you are holding onto the old stuff that makes you feel comfortable, even though it gives you anxiety, depression and the feeling of uncertainty. 

Let go of all that stuff you think you are supposed to do and look at what you want to do.

Let me tell ya, I have heard all the excuses you can think of why you can't live the life you want too.

So this is what I suggest, quiet yourself, think of what you desire most in your life, give it life, listen with your heart as you give it life. Then go a little deeper and listen to your soul while you give it life. Watch as your creation take shape in your mind. Lock that energy in your soul. You have just aligned your heart, soul and mind, 

Everyday, take time to practice aligning your mind, heart and soul to create your what your soul, your true self so desires. It will help you break free of all the goo and cooties you have in your energy field, making room for your soul's desire. 

Yes, it is that easy. Now try it and let me know how you progress! I love to hear about you!

Keep your Heart open and aligned with the energy of Love!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Celebrate this day - it is our Freedom day!

July 4th is my favorite holiday of the year. On this day we celebrate our country, our people, its triumphs, its mistakes, its learning process. This is a day when Americans come together to celebrate their freedoms. 

Yes, we have freedoms. Yes, we voice our rights. 

I grew up in California. We moved up and down the California Coast. Talk about diversity. I met Mexicans, Asians, Middle Eastern, European, African people. Through our moves and learned about where they came from. The hardships they experienced in their countries of origin, which made me appreciate more about being an American. 

When I was going to cosmetology school there were a couple of sisters from Iran enrolled there too. They had been in the U.S. for about a year. They were applying for citizenship. They told me about not being able to go anywhere without a male escort, not being able to have a say in how they wanted their lives, education or who they might marry while living in Iran. They were not poor, as far as prosperity, they were poorly heard and poorly treated. They were possessions to be dealt out as their father and uncles  decided. 

A Filipino friend of mine escaped the Philippines during Marcos reign, without his father. His father and his uncle had been shot in front of him for having an opinion. 

African people having to leave their homes for fear of the governments and what they were doing to the people of the country. 

These people were so relieved to be here, to be safe, to see a better future for themselves and their families. 

This is a country where we can voice our opinions and make our futures. It is up to us to make it happen. 

I love the Fourth of July because it reminds me I am able to have my career, live where I want and do what I want. I can write this blog without fear of what I might write. 

Yes, this country still needs us to maintain it, it still needs us to direct it. This country was created for US and by US. 

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness
Let's live that truth! I encourage everyone to live your lives, don't be afraid of change as change is inevitable! Change is good and if you do not like what is going on you have the right to change it. Go do it! Give yourself permission to do so. 

Celebrate this day - it is our Freedom day! 

In Gratitude,

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Zen & Driving

On June 19th I went for a drive. I drove from Clearwater Florida to Chicago. It took two days. 

My eyesight is not that great. I like to drive during the day. I have learned how to work with my eyesight as I have a depth perception problem. This trip really gave me an opportunity to face my fears of driving. 

By the time I reached Georgia I felt a shift and started to drive intuitively. I could really feel the shift in traffic and how it was flowing around me. I could feel when cars wanted to pass me and when I needed to pass others. I was one with the road. It felt really good. 

I did have to drive at night. Yes it was intimidating, however as I flowed with traffic during the night I felt at peace with the road and the darkness. I could 'see' the spirit critters scuttling across the road. I 'saw' other beings as well on their own nightly journeys.

The first day I drove from Clearwater Florida to Henderson Kentucky. Yes it was a long drive and when I arrived, it took me a while to be able to sleep. 

I find it interesting as I drove and flowed with traffic the aggressive drivers didn't bother me so much. I love cruise control and how I can adjust the cruise control from my steering wheel. I find it interesting how aggressive drivers will get really close to you to get you to move faster. I was amused at ending up passing a few of them as I drove along at 72 miles an hour. Yes that was my speed at least 80% of the way.

My spirit guides really helped me, cautioning me wherever there was someone on the phone or texting. I must say there are quite a few really nice rest stops, you drivers can stop at a rest stop to text. Especially big trucks who take up the lanes, yes I wrote lanes, while texting. 

Where the heck are you speeders going at 100 miles an hour? Do you not have clocks in your homes to let you know what time it is when you leave? 

I saw three horrible accidents, most likely from speeding and phones. Is it worth your life to leave late and drive like a lunatic? It is not worth mine. I love my life most of the time.

So here is a couple of handy tips on driving so it is enjoyable to everyone.

1.) No texting
2.) Give yourself enough time to get where you are going. 
3.) If you must talk on your phone, pull over to one of those nice rest stops. 
4.) Speeding at over 100 miles an hour is unsafe. Stop it. 
5.) Pull over during a rainstorm if you can't see and be patient with others who are pulling over.
6.) Listen to your instinct and intuition when you are driving. It will help with the flow of traffic and make your trip no matter how long or short more enjoyable. 

This can make driving for enjoyable and safe for everyone. 

I truly did find my zen or peace while driving. I listened to myself and how I felt in traffic, getting to know my own limitations. 

I drove from Chicago to Memphis, New Orleans and back to Clearwater. 

There was a lot of paranormal activity on my ride from Memphis to New Orleans and then from New Orleans into Northern Florida. Lots of spirit animals, some energies I recognized as elementals and other energies I am not quite sure what they were. They seemed to really like the side of the road. 

I encourage paranormal investigators with infrared cameras to drive down I-20, I-55, I-10, I 75, let me know if you pick up anything roaming around. 

I must say I loved visiting and seeing clients. It was nice to reconnect, give and receive hugs. I will be heading out more often, to visit again. 

While driving remember to connect, be flexible and stay safe. Find your Zen to drive peacefully on the road!

Keep your hearts open and align with the energy of LOVE!

July 4th is my favorite holiday! We celebrate our independence! 
Every year I do a special to celebrate! Intuitive Readings are $60 for up to an hour!
YAY! Let's Celebrate!
To book your appointments send me an email we will set you up with your appointment!
Intuitive Readings done through Facetime, Skype and phone!
Happy 4th of July!

Hurricane Irma, Faith and Communication

Hurricane Irma blew through Florida last week. She made a lasting impression on many Floridians. I do not say this lightly.  There ...