Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Love, Soul Mates & Soul Groups

What is a soul group?
How can you tell if you have met a soul mate? 
Are all soul mates our happily ever afters?

These are questions I answer all the time. 

Here is my take on it all from asking my spirit guides and angels - 

When you meet a soulmate, you will feel some sort of recognition, you may feel extremely happy or euphoric. For those soul mates who have been petty tyrants   to you in other life times you may feel like you have to turn around and run for your life.  

Not all soulmates are lovers. Not all soulmates are for your higher good. Remember all beings are here to learn something about themselves. You cannot 'fix, heal or make it better'. Remember to do your best. If things don's work out, move on. 

Our soul group are the people who love and support us in our efforts. They help us out or are the shoulder to cry on. They are the ones we also support and love unconditionally. 

When you quiet your mind and connect, you will see your soul group. Sometimes those people are with us for our lifetime, some times only for a while. It's okay, we all have our focus for each lifetime. You will not disconnect on a soul level. When you think of those who are not in your life wrap them up in a love bubble, even if you don't like them. It strengthens the bond. 

There are some soulmates who do come into your life who end up being your spouse, your lover, this is a blessing, remember to be thankful for a good life. 

Here is something everyone needs to know  - Men know when they have met their spouse or girlfriend. It is an internal instinct/ intuition. Ask any man and he will tell you he knew if not when he met the woman or very soon after. 

If a man tells you he isn't sticking around, he isn't, you aren't it. So enjoy the relationship while it lasts. Then be okay to move on. 

Our soulmates sometimes teach us our hardest lessons.

As I have walked this earth, in this lifetime I have met many soulmates. For example, Theo is my brother, I love him. We come from very different families. We still consider ourselves siblings. I have many sisters from all over, I love them, they are my family, my soul group.

I have met two soul mates as lovers in this lifetime. I won't say it was always flowers and hearts with them, but there were moments of euphoria. 

When you meet someone that feels familiar and you can feel the connection. Take a breath and follow the connection, celebrate it, love it. 

Be Love, be You!

Monday, January 13, 2020

Ascension & Moderation

Ascension is about your life experiences. This is why I am always pushing you to have wondrous experiences, clear out your fears and doubts. Claim your courage, create the experiences you dream about. 

Take a chance or many chances! 

I am including moderation in this because there are hardcore ascension peeps that are very judgmental and harsh. Because they are that way they are paranoid and mean. 

Instead, give yourself permission to drink the alcoholic beverage.
Eat the chocolate or cupcake and love every minute of it. 

Just make sure to practice moderation with those permissions, enjoy the experience. If you find you have created habits to retreat from the world, ask yourself, is this what I truly want for myself in this life? 

Give yourself permission to be you. Who are you? What do you want? Are there dreams you want to make real, that truly resonate with you? Do it! Be courageous, be you!

Remember to keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of Love!

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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Crystals & Resonance

I love working with crystals, gems and minerals.  I shared some information on the subject during a couple of Facebook Live events.  I have been working with crystals, gems and minerals for about 25 or so years, through curiosity and creating jewelry. I have learned how to combine different stones for optimum focus for different projects! That's what I call it. On this blog, there is information about the subject and in most cases the information covers the chemical make up and where some gem and minerals are found.  I am a student, still learning about crystals and their virtues. 

In these videos below we talk about crystals, gridding and resonance. If you have any questions about these video please let me know, you can put your questions in the comment section below. 

I want to note this - crystals, gems and minerals can be used as tools to assist you. I have never heard of a crystal gem or mineral that will heal you. They can provide certain resonances that can assist you on your journey.  

There were some questions about how big a crystal has to be to be effective, it doesn't matter what size it is as long as you resonate or like it. 

I have crystals, large and small, it depends on the project I am working on. Also, think about the jewelry you are wearing. Does it have stones in it? What kind of stones does it have? How do you feel when you wear it? 

Wearing jewelry is like wearing a grid on your body for optimum resonance for whatever your focus is for the day. 

As far as metals go, gold is for physical enhancement. Silver is of a spiritual nature. Copper assists with energy flow.  

Remember to keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE! 

Thursday, November 28, 2019


This month we did a series on Facebook about some of the Archangels! It was very fun for me to speak about one of my favorite topics! 

We spoke about Archangel Michael and his guardians and how all of us have at least one guardian angel. 

Archangel Gabriel and his messenger angels. 

Then we spoke about the wisdom of Archangel Uriel and how he can help us with strategy and planning.  

Archangel Raphael and how he and his angels assist with healing. 

Archangel Chamuel and how he assists with bringing peace to our relationships. 

The archangel of Compassion and Mercy Azreal. 

The angels want you to know you are worthy of their love and attention. They are here to assist you with your life, to bring ease and grace to you.  Remember to ask for assistance and be open to how that assistance come to you! 

Enjoy the videos! Let me know what you think!

Keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE!

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Welcome November - Gratitude Month!

It's Gratitude Month! What are you grateful for? 

Many people have asked me, how can you be happy and content? Yes, I have had many obstacles in my life. With each obstacle, I pause and reflect on what I am grateful for. It brings me to the present moment. so I can strategize through the obstacle and be on my way. 

Gratitude helps us stay in the moment, no matter how painful that moment is. It helps us open up to the blessings of the Universe, when we are open to those Universal Blessings, our resonance rises and our navigation through life is easier, kinder, more loving. 

Try writing down what you are grateful for this month, do it every day. See how it changes your perspective, it is easier to move on to better life situations, forgive, love and receive. 

After practicing this for a month, your spirit guides and angels will encourage the practice, now that you are open to it. Your life, will change and you will be grateful for it. 

You can check out the Facebook Live we did on Sunday night about Gratitude too! It will be very fun for you! Let me know what you think! 

Remember Mercury is in Retrograde this month! Be Patient, Be Kind, Be Loving! 

Keep your Heart open and Aligned with the energy of LOVE!

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Psychic Tip of the day - Meditation

We get to welcome in October! This is the time of year to practice your intuitive gifts and feel that confidence grow as you continue to practice. I was watching a series on Netflix last week that is about how the mind works. There was one segment that showed how the mind does so much better when we take time daily to meditate. Take three minutes twice a day to do this for a week. After one week bring your time up to five minutes.

Now you will have 'monkey mind'. That is to say, your brain will cycle through the events of the day. Let it. Let the thoughts cycle through. After the mind settles allow it to quiet down. Don't worry about a focus or mantra. Just quiet your mind.

After about a month you should be up to 8-10 minutes a day. You will find your mind will want that peace, you will feel it pull toward that. You will also start to notice you are present and seeing how beautiful the day is or feeling a lot calmer from this simple exercise.

The quieting of the mind helps build those intuitive gifts, it helps you focus and relax into your confidence. Try it, you never know what wonderful thing might happen because of it. 

Let me know about your progress! 

Keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE!

Monday, September 23, 2019

Aura's & Colors

Have you ever had an aura picture taken? What did it look like, did you resonate with it? Our Aura's or Energy Fields are a beautiful reflection of our being. The aura tells us so much about ourselves and others. 

How can you see your Aura? You can scry. Go into a room that has a mirror, turn down the lights, look up or down. Take a breath and relax. Make an intention to see your aura and what is within your aura. 

When I start an intuitive reading, the first thing I connect with is your aura or energy field. Everyone is colorful. Within the aura there are symbols within your energy field, spirit guides, angels, ascended masters reside within your aura. While you are looking at your energy field you may also see their forms. Exciting!

Practice seeing your energy field,  flex your intuitive muscles!

Here are basic Colors for your energy field. Remember there are shades of all these colors.

Positive - Rich, Power, Mystery, Elegance, Strength
Negative - Negative

Red - 
Positive - Courage, Strength, Energy, Creative
Negative - Irritable, Fiery, Temper, Destructive

Orange - 
Positive - Vitality, Joy, Loves Life
Negative - Fearful, Lazy, Careless

Yellow - 
Positive - Cheer, Warmth, Energy, Optimism
Negative - Attention Getter, 

Green - 
Positive - Genuine, Practical
Negative - Materialistic, Selfish, 

Blue - 
Positive -  Artistic, Spiritual Seeker, Imaginative
Negative - Moody, Critical, snobbish

Purple - 
Positive - Artistic, Spiritual Teacher, Artistic
Negative - Prejudiced, Liar, Disloyal

Violet - 
Positive - True, Greatness, High Spiritual Nature, Mystic, 
Negative - Selfish, cunning, Spiteful 

Pink - 
Positive - Tenderness, Sensitive, Caring, Emotional, Sympathetic, Love, Sexuality

Here is an aura picture of me taken about five years ago - what do you see? If you have an aura picture look at it and figure out what is going on for you. 

Remember to keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE!

Love, Soul Mates & Soul Groups

What is a soul group? How can you tell if you have met a soul mate?  Are all soul mates our happily ever afters? These are qu...