Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Psychic Tip of the Day - Choice

Falling down is an accident, staying down is your choice - 
get up, dust yourself off and do your thing!

We all have situations where we make crazy decisions and end up on out rear ends - sometimes literally! We are hard on ourselves, we judge ourselves we beat ourselves up over it. Why? 

There can be many reasons why we are mean to ourselves. Mostly it is our expectations that cause this effect. 

What if you just decided instead to look at the situation you have just been through and stood up dusted yourself off and start again without any judgement at all. Keep what you have learned and apply it on your next go.

It has taken me a long time to figure that out. 

Now when something doesn't work out the way I want it too, I move on. I figure I am not going to be on the planet forever in this body. I am not going to waste my time staying on my butt. I am going to get up and work on achieving my goal. I am going to allow events in my life to shape my goal to make it a richer and greater goal. 

So spending time spinning out scenarios of what has happened is just going to hold you back from what you want to achieve. Instead spin out scenarios of your achievement(s). Make goals that are achievable and be patient as your goals are achieved. 

Let go of your grudges, frustration and develope strategies that are going to assist, uplift and get you to the place you want to be. Celebrate each step, love yourself enough to be kind to yourself when something doesn't work out. This includes those love relationships that don't work out. Be grateful for the time spent and look forward to the next greatest, relationship you are going to have. 

So if you fall down, choose to get up dust off all those thoughts, ideas and energies that don't serve you and move forward to the next step in your life with enthusiasm and joy in your heart! When you do this, your life can only get better, richer and more wondrous than it has been!

Keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of love!

Friday, June 22, 2018

Spiritual Warriors - Lord Melchizedek

Last night I watched a movie about a man who is a great teacher, a passionate speaker. The movie freaked me out in a way that I asked Lord Melchizedek, who is my teacher, for guidance and assistance on what really freaked me out about the movie. 

It wasn't the story that actually freaked me out it was the way the self help, metaphysical, spiritual teachers promote themselves. How they 'up sale'.

It was the pyramid graph I saw that had all these levels of teaching, which made sense to me. It is how it was being presented, the feeling I got was the teacher saying 'you are not enough until you get to the top, I can get you there.' 


I asked Lord Melchizedek for some answers or message to help me feel better about the self help, metaphysical, spiritual teachers and this is the message I received from him -  

Spiritual Warriors - 

We ask you to look within yourselves to to see you are worthy of all you desire. Worthiness is what keeps you in a space of non movement. Worthiness works with all of your emotions, thoughts and desires on all levels through all time and space. 

Am I worthy of Love?
Am I worthy of a good Life?
Am I worthy of my parents?
Am I worthy of hearing, seeing, knowing my spirit guides and angels?
Am I worthy of the Creators Love?

Look at your life and see your worthiness of all your hopes, dreams and desires. Break free of the feeling of your need to find a 'savior'. You are your own savior by your actions. You are already safe and saved. 

We suggest you clear out your fears, insecurities, resentments, judgments . . . as you clear the lower energies, you clear karmic debt, your energy field, your chakras, your heart, physical body, your mind and your soul. 

How do you do that? You develop the intuitive skills that are built into you. You use them daily already. Hone your skills, develop a good relationship with your Creator, your guides and angels. You are worthy of the time and effort it will take to do this. Ask for Divine Grace and healing as you move through your clearing. 

There are many healers on your planet now who can assist you on your journey. Choose someone or someones who you trust and start working with them. There will be many who will be able to help you as you raise your resonance, stretch and grow. Remember you are always in a state of growth on all levels, your clearing and understanding is not a race. There is continual growth in human form and other forms, in life and between lives. Focus on this life, for it will lead you to others. 

Our advice is love yourself, give love, be love. Help yourself to realize you are already in this space. You are worthy.

We remind you of the Equal Exchange of Energy - Archeia Grace has given you examples of this idea. We will remind you.

An equal exchange of energy within the self and with friends, relatives, lovers, children and others is simply making sure you are receiving as much as you are giving and more. Look to your relationships and make amends with this concept in mind. Creating boundaries and clearing out old energies that no longer serve you. Love yourself so much you will not accept anything else. 

You are worthy, You are always worthy!

Lord Melchizedek 

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Sympathy & Empathy

What is the difference between sympathy and empathy? How do we discern between the two? 

Empathy is feeling or having the ability to feel what others are feeling. It is good to have this ability, to be comfortable with feeling emotions from another living being. 

Sympathy is feeling sorry for someone.

Which of these to energies takes from you?

Sympathy, someone who wants or craves sympathy is an energetic vampire. Think about all of the times you have felt sorry for someone. After being in their presence are you drained? Yep.

Choosing to feel the emotion is easier, you are just feeling the emotion. You are not taking it on or away from the person. You are choosing to feel it out of compassion, love and understanding to assist in whatever capacity you can. 

How do we protect ourselves from being overwhelmed by emotion or tapped from someone who is feeling sorry for themselves?

Surround yourself with Light, say a prayer to the Creator for protection and guidance. Put a bubble around you with the intention of protecting you from being tapped energetically. When you do this you will also be divinely guided through whatever happens in the moment. This works for me and it can work for you too. Maintaining your energy through out the day is healthy and loving to yourself. 

So when a person says to you , "Don't you feel sorry for me?" - (Goo & Cootie Question)

You can tell them no, but you can empathize with them and give them suggestions on how they can improve their situation. That way they cannot energetically cord into you and you have helped them. 

It is up to the other person to ultimately make their decisions. Make the offer and stand back so they can make their decisions. 

Remember emotion is energy in motion. Since we are all ultimately energy and we do move through our emotions - we are always in motion, even when we are  praying or meditating. Allow the feelings, allow yourself to feel. You are Human after all.

I always get people who ask things like this - "Well, what about those people who are abused and starving, don't you feel sorry for them?"

No I do not feel sorry for them. I pray for them, I ask they receive help for their higher and better good. This is the best effort I can make on their part. The best example I can give for others to follow. 

Look at the people who are in your circles that you move through daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and recall how you feel within those circles. You will know when you will need to enforce your bubble and say your prayers or intentions. 

Send love, Be Love!

Keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE!

Friday, May 4, 2018

Chaos Brings Clarity


At the beginning of April I started a process to clear out all negativity from my life. I have been craving a deep cleaning and clearing. It created ALOT of chaos, this clearing, I am grateful. 

I am always talking about boundaries and keeping those boundaries set up. I am very strict with myself, it works for me and helps to define me and what I do for myself and you. The boundaries help me to honor myself and with self preservation

My personal life has changed and I am working through the loss of a loved one, cleaning and clearing myself, making room for more positivity in my life. I am looking forward to new adventures and discoveries. 

I truly believe everyone has the ability to learn and grow and most of all love with an open heart. We are all responsible for ourselves first. When we take that responsibility for our growth, those who are connected to us grow too. Remember to care for yourself first, so you can assist and care for those who are connected to you. 

I know some of you are concerned when you start to raise your resonance, you worry about losing friends and acquaintances. It is up to them to decide if the time for their growth is the same timing as yours. Allow them their growth and experience, be their example. You don't lose anything, you gain more by moving forward. Ultimately it doesn't matter what anyone else feels or knows. It is what you know to be true for your soul's journey. 

Here is something for you to say and mean when you are releasing people or events in your life. When you say this and mean it, the energy gets pushed out of your energy field, clearing you and making room for what does serve you. 

I love you
I bless you
I forgive you
I thank you
I release you

Say it as many times as you need to for clearing. 

The program that I have been using is called Magic Lady by Laura Bushnell. If you are interested you can email her at Put A Gang of Girls - Life Magic in the subject line to receive the 35% discount she is giving to all of you. 


Many of you have heard that A Gang of Girls Radio is on Hiatus until July. This is the truth. I am going to do some Facebook Live events until then. I am going to do them on Sunday nights at 8pmE. You can participate in these events by going to A Gang of Girls Radio Page on Facebook. Many of you have asked for meditations and handy tips on clearing out that which does not serve you. Let me know if there is anything else you would like to learn about.  So that is what we will do until the show comes back online. 

You can listen to the archives at A Gang of Girls Radio as well. 

I am grateful for you!

Remember to stay present, look to your future, keep your heart opened and aligned with the energy of LOVE!


Monday, April 23, 2018

Fairies and Elementals

I love Fairies and Elementals! They are such wondrous beings assisting our planet in their wonderful way.

During this time of year I like to be outside watching as plants and trees come back from their deep sleep.  I have sat with flowers and watched them make their minuscule moves as they open their petals and peak out into the wild world. It gives me great joy to watch a flower bloom.

How can you see the fairies and elementals? They best time to see them is during a sunset or sunrise. Be patient, breathe and relax. Don't focus your eyes on anything. If you are looking over a body of water, you will see the undines - water, air, sylphs. If you are in the forest, watch the plants, you will see the gnomes, earth and maybe even a salamander, fire. There are deva's as well. So be aware of any movement and allow them to move closer to you. You may hear music and laughter as they approach. The movements that you see may be very slight, don't dismiss what you see.

You will most likely see the elementals through your peripheral vision. So relax, bring an offering of honey, they love honey, sparkly items, fruit, bread, milk, remember to leave your offerings for them. I knew a lady who used to leave hershey kisses for her fairies who lived in her garden. Yes they would disappear.

You can create fairy gardens or areas in your yard or home. They do appreciate that and will inter act with you. Give it a try, you never know what can happen. Fairies live children, children love fairies so have your children help you with these projects.

Right now I live in a duplex, so I have a place on a shelf in my home and a place on a small table I have set up for the fairies. I am working on creating some other places right now for the fairies to draw them in and let them know how much I appreciate them and how they help all of nature flourish and inspire that love of nature within me.

If you have a garden you can hang bells or sparkly beads on your plants as offerings to the fairies. You will see new, healthier growth in your garden. I used to throw out tumbled stones in my garden and my food plants and flowers thrived and were plentiful. Be creative and have fun with inviting the fairies into your life. They will help you thrive, laugh and appreciate nature so much more!

Clean up trash, recycle, plant flowers and trees, and most of all say thank you!

Keep your hearts open and aligned with the energy of love!

Auriel Grace
A Gang of Girls Radio 

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Psychic Tip of the Day - Accountability

Do you need to make new habits, new ways of being? 

Some of the ways of being or habits we have formed are learned from our elders. Yes, and they learned their way of being from their elders and so on. There are some of you who think your family line might even be cursed because of the generational habits. 

Look at your family line and talk to your family about characteristics that members have had or have. What do you think about them? How can you break the habits that don't serve your family? 

Instead of being angry and upset about your family line, see it as a lesson, a lesson of how not to be. Now, look at your life, yours alone and make some decisions on how you want your life. 

Here is an example - 

Perhaps as a child you were not protected by your parents and you have grown up feeling you are not worthy of anything for lack of care from your parents. 

Now you have figured out why you are not worthy. Shift your focus to your Heart, Heart Chakra and start working on clearing that chakra or energy center. 

As you focus on your heart, clearing it, healing your heart, you will find your attitude is changing and you feel lighter and brighter. You are no longer triggered by your parents, grandparents, family. 

Remember as you are focusing on your heart chakra and breathing light into it say and mean this - 

I forgive you

I love you

I thank you

I bless you

I release you

I use the family as an example because this is where our core beliefs start. This is the place of our beginning in every life. 

Here is an example - I knew a man who blamed his unhappiness or imbalance on his father, who would beat the man as a child for 'bad behavior'. Overtime this man had a disappointment or felt as though he had did something 'bad' he wanted to be punished. 

This man would not forgive or change his habits. He drove himself to mental imbalance so badly no one wanted to be around him. He had plenty of support to help him overcome his imbalance. He chose not too, instead he continued to blame his father for his unhappiness.

How about you? 

Who do you blame for your unhappiness? 

Accountability is when you take your life into your hands and start to define yourself. You start to see the sparkly, wonderful, fun, loving etc. parts of yourself and start putting your focus on that, changing the habits you have grown up and live with that do not serve you. You are clarifying and defining yourself, on your own with out others influences on who or how you should be.

Here is your handy tip for today - try this meditation every two weeks for three months and see how you feel. 

Practice, practice, practice, it will bring you back to your core and you will start to remember to love yourself enough to make decisions for your higher and better good. 

Remember to keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE!

Do you need to make new habits? Do you need to remember to practice what we have spoke about through readings and soul retrieval?
During these sessions we discuss what you have learned, cleared, practice and homework. Yes Everyone gets homework to hold themselves accountable for their processes!
These Sessions are also for those people who have worked with me through the different classes I have taught. Please email me to schedule your appointment.  
$45/ 30 minute session

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Psychic Tip of the Day - Pot of Gold

When I connect to you during a reading or soul retrieval session, I see symbols. 

Trips - Airplanes
Homes for sale - I see a For Sale Sign
Moving - Moving trucks and packing boxes
Happy Marriage - Engagement rings over the heart and pink hearts in the energy field.
Good Luck - I see shamrocks
Blessings - Red Roses and Gold Coins
Children - I see their energetic outlines before birth and after.
Fork on the Road - decision
Cross Roads - life changing event

There are more symbols I see during a reading. The list above are the ones I see the most of. 

One of the symbols I work with quite a bit is your Pot of Gold, which represents your prosperity and abundance. I thought I would give you a meditation to help you connect with your Pot of Gold so you can check to make sure your Pot of Gold is where it is supposed to be and your gold is flowing directly to you. 

Are you ready? Let's Pull that Prosperity into our lives! 

Try the meditation, you never know what might happen! Thats what is so wonderful about living on planet Earth!

Keep your Heart open and aligned with the energy of Love!

Psychic Tip of the Day - Choice

Falling down is an accident, staying down is your choice -  get up, dust yourself off and do your thing! We all have situati...