Thursday, April 23, 2015

Angelic Tip of the Day - Allowing

'How can you just allow this person to be the way they are when you know it is not for their highest good?' A question asked by many.

As a little girl I played with a being named Hope. She was what most adults call my invisible friend. However she was visible and very real to me. She is the Archeia Hope, Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Gabriel. 

As I grew older Hope grew older too. She introduced me to another Angel named Faith, Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Micheal. Between the two of them I was able to build a great foundation and connection to my 'Source'.

I saw other beings as well through my childhood. I thought that everyone could see them.

My experiences with Angels have been through out my life and as I grew into adulthood and had my realizations it had a profound affect on me and how I conducted myself. 

I have learned many concepts through my communication with Hope and Faith the one that has had the most influence is allowing. Allowing people to grow, mature and expand. It is hard sometimes to allow people I love go through their growing pains to mature and grow. 

Many times I am told - 'Why didn't you warn me or tell me what to do?' Or my favorite is when I am to blame for others inability to create for themselves.
When asked I give advice from what I hear from Angels and Guides. Most of the time the advice from the guides and angels is simple and easy advice to follow. Hope and Faith have helped me to let go of trying to control situations, let go of always 'being right' and allow people to experience their lessons their way. 

One of the lessons an intuitive person learns through their path is to allow others to have their experience. It is theirs to claim. When they are claiming their experience and working through it they can have their own realizations and mature on their own. I am available for them when they are open to receive info from their Guides and Angels. 

Hope and Faith have assisted me through many experiences and helped me find the grace I need to allow others their experiences no matter how heart breaking it is.

Allowing is a great lesson, it is just as great a lesson as forgiveness. 

Auriel Grace

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  1. Beautifully put. It certainly can be difficult to keep from interferring in the learning process of those we hold dear.


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