Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate

Category - Quartz
Color - Blues, violet, whites, clear
Moh's Scale - 7
Geographic Locations - Brazil, South Africa, Uruguay 

Blue Lace Agates are a type of quartz. They are micro crystalline in form. meaning their structure is too small even to be seen through a microscope. They are usually opaque in texture and form in masses rather than in large defined points. It is usually formed in nodules an has transparent or translucent portions.

Physical/Emotional - brings peace an calm to the mind and helps the body to relax. Enhances sleep quality and eases feelings of anxiety.

Eases inflammation on the body and throat, such as soreness or coughs.

Healing Effects - Place over the throat chakra to enhance communication and soothe the effects of anger. Hold a piece to relax the body.

Place over the 3rd eye chakra to sooth the mind and enhance clear thinking.

Personal Uses - Wear close to the throat to facilitate clear and gentle communication

On a personal note - Every time I have worn my blue lace agate necklace I have always been able to communicate in a good way what I am working on conveying. I can feel the stones stimulating my throat chakra. 

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